Everyone overlooks Ruin Creek dogs: Yes, their lives count

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Listed at the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society, an organization dedicated to helping homeless animals, eight dogs have little chance to live much longer. They all have names however, and their lives all matter. Sadly, everyone overlooks them, but not today!  Meet Dino, Ski-Bo, Mr. Sir, King, Bella, Rocki, Waldo, and of course Chief. Is it because some of the dogs are pit bull mixes, have some medical needs or need specific homes that they may be condemned to death? All life is precious, and each and every one of these dogs just want to be loved.ruin creek 1

Ski-Bo, King and Chief have been at the shelter the longest, and tragically the dogs are showing dog aggression – much of their behavioral issues stemming from being kept in kennels for too long. The dogs are listed as “rescue only” which makes their plight even more urgent, but advocates have answered the call many times before helping what others have labeled “death row” or not adoptable pets.

An advocate for these special dogs sets out her plea on Facebook hoping approved rescue organizations will step forward, supporters will pledge funds to help the dogs and animal advocates will share their stories:ruin creek 2

“These are sweet and loving animals that because of medical needs and their selective behavior, or because they are pit/or mixed they are continually over looked for literally months now. Time is not on their side, and we may start losing them soon. We believe in these animals, we know they are good natured, attentive and deserving dogs. If everyone could help us reach out to the rescue community hoping to find room for just one more deserving dog that may need a little extra guidance. Please note that these animals are in a chaotic shelter environment and are not spayed/neutered. If anyone is interested we may have some funding to help with training. Please don’t be shy.”

For more information about these dogs, please contact if you can help: rcaps2011@gmail.com. The Facebook page for the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society of Henderson North Carolina can be followed here. (Please note this is not the shelter)ruin creek 3

(Photos of the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society of Henderson NC courtesy of Facebook volunteers.)

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  1. Angela Corso says:

    These dogs’ lives do matter. I found your donation link on your Facebook page. It would be helpful for your donations to add the link to your story. Many people do not know social media well enough to know how to locate where to donate. It’s sad to read that these poor dogs have not been adopted.

  2. Alisa Gunter says:

    What bothers me the most is when you have an individual (private person) wanting to foster a dog that is rescue only but there is no rescue willing to pull that dog because of maybe dog aggression or Heartworm disease, etc.
    The rescues deem them a liability. Most of the dogs that are Rescue Only, only need a chance to get out of the shelter environment and into a quiet loving home environment with people willing to help! Rescue Only Dogs Deserve the same chance at a happy life just like the cute, sweet, adorable little dogs that have no issues. And yes, it takes a special person sometimes for the Rescue Only Dogs… but we do exist. There are some people that only want the Rescue Only Dogs because they know without them that dog will more than likely be euthanized.
    Rescues…. help us people that want the Rescue Only Dogs! Give them a chance! That’s all we ask.


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