Five adorable puppies dumped with no food or water in broken kennel hoping for loving homes

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In Gonzales, Louisiana, an unknown heartless owner of five puppies estimated to be about 8-weeks-old were discovered inside of a broken kennel on Thursday with no food, water or even a blanket or towel to keep them warm.

According to Rescue Alliance, the puppies had been abandoned outside of their new office and discovered by a staff member arriving for work. The door to the wire kennel had been left open. The puppies appear to be terrier mixes and are expected to small/medium size as adults.

The puppies have been transferred to St.Gabriel Animal Hospital & Rescue where they are now available for adoption. Come on out and meet these adorable little ones who have their entire lives to look forward to as soon as they find the homes they deserve.

Meet Pumpkin, Biscuit, Goose and Turkey who are ready to be adopted.

For more information and adoption applications, please click here.

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Fawn watches the kitties playing together.

Athletic pup.

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