Video of 3 abandoned dogs in Houston rescued by kind heart renews our faith in humankind

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Described on a viral TikTok video as an “adorable trio”, three dogs had been left to fend for themselves in a Houston area near a busy highwway. The dogs waited on the side of the road – most likely hoping their owner was soon to return. Sadly, that did not happen.

A one-minute video clip of an amazing renewal of faith in humankind posted by @erwin100315, describes herself as a Texas foster mom, Kristin and asks her followers to,

“🐶 Follow to 👀 us rescue dogs! Help us build our dog kennel”

The video has garnered more than 394,000 views.

On her Facebook page, Kristin went into more detail about the dogs. The dogs had been left at a common dumping area off of the highway, and even though rescuers had been networking the dogs via social media, no one was responding. And so Kristin wasn’t able to get the dogs out of her mind, especially after someone had seen the dogs in the median crossing Highway 90. Tragically, so many dogs abandoned in that area are hit and killed by cars.

“Their first night went well. This morning Megan came over and started vaccines. All need some fattening up but very, very sweet dogs!!”

Check out the video:

As a person approaches, the three friendly dogs approach and look into the camera.
” 3 new dogs in a common dump area off the highway. A lot of people can’t squeeze in 3 dogs, so pleas were put out. But I had a little room. Well this adorable trio is crashing with us. After a few nights under the highway, they’re finally safe.#dumpeddogs #houston#fosterdogs#rescue”

At the end, our hearts melt with gratitude when the overlay states:

“They were saved just in time. Now their new lives begin.”

And we see a woman hugging the dogs while they run and enjoy the freedom of a nearby field.

And just in case you need to broaden that smile already on your face, check this video out that Kristin just posted.

Sadly, pet abandonment has become an epidemic issue. In every state in the United States, it is illegal to abandon an animal either by dumping it in a public place or leaving it anywhere without proper care. In the past most penalties amounted to not much more than a minimal fine or a slap on the hand. Because of the increased abandonment, cruelty, neglect and torturous crimes accompanied by public outcry, the punishments have been stiffened.

If you see something say something. Be the voices for those who cannot speak.

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  1. I am VERY happy that these precious little treasures are with good people!!! I hope they are all rehomed with loving furever families who will treat them as beloved family members for their entire lives😀😀😀

    My husband lived in Houston and pet abandonment is a HUGE problem…… some “so called people aka POSs” have the horrible notion that if an animal gets sick, or pregnant (because many of these POSs don’t believe in spay or neuter), or they don’t want the dog or her puppies: dump the dog near a busy road and traffic will kill these unwanted precious little treasures…….


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