‘Vanilla Cupcake’ has a story to tell when rescuers come to her aid and she begins to wag her tail in delight

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At the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, Maryland, Vanilla Cupcake has a story to tell and has experienced a lot in her short five years of life. Of course, she cannot speak, but her soulful eyes and her physical condition reveal the heartbreaking mystery of her past.

According to BARCS, Vanilla Cupcake had been abandoned in a parking lot. She was infested with fleas so badly that her skin had cracked and left bleeding. Her paws were swollen and inflamed; every step was painful. In addition, she had a large open wound on her back, and the skin on her belly hung nearly to the ground – the obvious result of having been bred over and over. Almost every inch of her body hurt.

Sweet Vanilla Cupcake was examined by the shelter’s partner veterinarian revealing she has the beginning stages of heart failure.

When she first arrived at BARCS, the dog was too exhausted and defeated to enjoy any visits or interaction from her rescuers. Slowly, however as her pains abated, she started to form bonds with the volunteers and staff members who sat quietly by her side assuring her that life would get better.

“She absolutely loves treats and will wag her tail ever so slightly when you bring her some. It almost seems like it’s the very first time she’s ever felt love; we’ve promised her that love is all she’ll feel from here on out.”

BARCS’ Facebook page

Over the weekend, Vanilla Cupcake went to her foster home where they will continue to work with her on trusting and socializing. In just a few short weeks, she now loves being swaddled in blankets and now snuggling up with her foster mom for a nap.

Please note that every years BARCS raises funds to help dogs just like Vanilla Cupcake through BARCStoberfest which serves as a direct lifeline to the animals in the shelter. In 2021, the shelter has been extremely busy as are shelters across the country as a result of the pandemic.

“Even with a second year of event cancellations, our friends Bill Miller and Miller Value Partners want to make sure those animals’ needs are still met. To support our lifesaving mission, they have generously pledged an emergency match for all BARCStoberfest donations, dollar for dollar up to $25,000, through Sunday, October 31 to help us reach our goal.”


Double your donation: www.barcstoberfest.org

Wishing you a wonderful and loving home as soon as you are ready Vanilla Cupcake.

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