Man fired after video surfaces of him punching his dog

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A Michigan man lost his job, and is facing a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty, for punching his dog. According to multiple sources, 25-year-old Jon Robert Wilcox was caught on video repeatedly punching a dog in Grand Rapids.

Screen capture of dog being punched

The video is heartbreaking to watch, the dog, named Higgins, appears to be terrified of Wilcox, but still approaches the man with tail tucked and body low to the ground. Wilcox can be seen aggressively punching the dog over and over in an apparent fit of rage. The disturbing incident took place outside of Wilcox’s place of employment, Fide Freight, which has since let Wilcox go.

In a statement, Fide Freight said:

Fide doesn’t stand by this behavior and has since released this employee. … Fide very much loves our furry community in the office and provides our critters with their own beds, treats and love from our employees daily. We have also committed to donating to a few local shelters in the Grand Rapids area. We understand this doesn’t make a difference to the situation that took place, but we hope to support the shelters that support the animals in need.”

As reported by WOOD TV, Higgens, a golden retriever, is now in the custody of the county animal shelter and will remain there until the case is settled.


If Wilcox is found guilty, he could spend 93 days in jail, face a $1,000 fine, and up to 200 hours of community service.

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