Video of woman dumping dogs on dead end street goes viral

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A heartbreaking scene caught on video by a Good Samaritan on Friday in San Antonio, showed a woman dumping four dogs on a dead end street. The dogs did not want to get out of the car, and the woman recording the video could be heard pleading with the other woman to take the dogs to Animal Control Services instead of just abandoning them. Even after asking for directions, the woman continued to pull the dogs out of the vehicle. With all the dogs just wandering around in an unfamiliar setting, the woman left.

The Good Samaritan called 311, after telling the woman she fosters for the shelter, and there is a stiff fine for animal abandonment and neglect; which is a Class A misdemeanor. The woman has not been named.

The female suspect was not driving the vehicle seen in the video, and the driver of the car is not a suspect, according to  the ACS spokeswoman Lisa Norwood. The suspect has since turned herself into authorities and went back to get the fourth dog, Animal Services were unable to trap.

“We share this information with you now for 3 main reasons:
1. If you are unable to care for your pets – please reach out to our organization. Dumping animals is ILLEGAL and there are serious consequences for this action.

2. These dogs have clearly had a very rough day. They appear to be friendly, seem to get along with each other, and most importantly, are in need of love and proper care. If you are able to open your home for at least one of these dogs by either adopting or fostering, please reach out to us.

3. If you see something, say something. We would not have been able to respond as quickly as we did if the Good Samaritan had not contacted 311 first. Always contact 311 and provide them with as much information as possible when you see any form of animal ordinance violation.”

Two of the dogs have already been adopted, and the other two are in need of temporary foster homes. If interested in helping, contact  ACS via email at and those interested in adopting can call 210-207-6666 or email The dogs’ animal ID numbers can be found on ACS’ Facebook page.

Never think reporting suspected animal cruelty falls on deaf ears. The ACS is thankful for the information.

Check out the video:

This behaviour is unacceptable.

This behaviour is unacceptable.

Posted by Try Not To Cry on Tuesday, April 17, 2018


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17 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    I wish I could find out who they are and where they live. I would write them and tell them what I think of them and get their information out there for more people to comment. This is so wrong. Those dogs were confused and scared and just wanted love.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    The woman needs to be named as should the POS driving the car that sat there and did nothing as she dumped the poor dogs! The obviously know who this is, let how she suffers some of the “serious consequences” they are talking about!

  3. Linda Patton says:

    She’d better get arrested and given jail time. NOT a month or two, but sufficient time for dumping 4 innocent dogs like that. She didn’t care if they starved, got hurt, fell ill, were scared, confused… nothing. She’s a monster!!! I’m elated to read two have been adopted, there’s still two more needing the same. Her license plate is seen, she can be located !!!

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    This Ethnic POS would more than likely do the same thing to her Children ( if she has any) without a second glance!!! Thankfully there was someone there or these poor animals would have been either run over, attacked by other animals, shot by a homeowner.. LOOK how scared and disorientated they were… These two ” so called Ladies” are NOTHING SHORT OF Vermin! I am glad that for a change the San Antonio Animal Shelter actually made an effort to assist and provide help for these dogs in dire need!!! to see that a couple have already been adopted is awesome!!! Maybe TEXASS will start taking some PRIDE in ASSISTING the ANIMALS IN NEED!!!

  5. Gloriacheung says:

    Fxxk!! Brutal, cold-blooded and uncivilized as ugly as Chi_Na!!! Stupid people doing stupid things!!! Silly thing!!!
    Only cowards will abuse and cruel treats poor animals because they cannot speak.
    Barbarism and cruelty are like ghost country “Chi Na”!????????????
    POOR CHILD… ????????????

  6. Ezgi Melody says:

    F*cking sub-humans !!!
    They are not toys or objects. They are men’s best friend.They are living beings.
    You can not get rid of them when you want like they are garbage !!!
    I Hope you both ( F*cking evil b*tch woman and the F*cking Pos driver ) will burn in Hell !!!

  7. Adrienne says:

    Glad that 2 dogs have been adopted and hope the other 2 will either be fostered or adopted too. Four dogs and to treat them like this when you probably had them a while is inhumane and she should answer for this. Hope they are looking for her to arrest.

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    This woman’s name should be made public – AND she definitely needs to be arrested – But, this being Texas and their piss poor animal cruelty regulations I doubt anything will happen to her – this is no misdemeanor – it is a felony to abandon animals – of course, except in Texas where you can do anything you want to an animal and are never charged – this damn state needs a mammoth wake up call – animal cruelty runs rampant there because these abusers know they can get away with it. This hunk of maggot puke female needs to be held responsible for her cruelty – she will do it again and get away with it again – because in Texas animals are disposable objects.

  9. Jayne hernon says:

    The women who dumped her beautiful dogs is a disgusting disgraceful bitch, I think she should do time for what she has done, they didn’t do nothing wrong, I hope she get a terrible disease and suffers. Just like they would of done, if a decent human hadn’t helped them.

  10. Gizmos Mommy says:

    I’m hoping Cheryl reads this comment about a situation in Lake Havasu City Arizona. Over the past couple of months 3 scumbags have been dumping Chihuahuas all over town. So far there’s a total of 31 pups. The three maggots have been locked up. I’m following the case very closely. I think other people should know about it especially the outcome of the situation.


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