Brave dog leaps to aid of his 86-year-old owner during violent assault

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In Bolton, located in Great Manchester,  a brave dog came to the aid of his 86-year-old owner as a burglar launched a violent assault on the woman as she worked in her backyard garden.

According to the Express, Joyce Ackerley was approached by a stranger on March 13, and when she opened her gate to find out what he wanted, the man hit her with a bat knocking her to the ground in a violent assault. At that moment, her four-year-old Akita and German shepherd mix, named Axel, leaped at the man and knocked him to the ground before biting his arm. Shocked and in pain, the crook ran away.

“What the burglar did to me, I don’t want him to do to any other older person,” Joyce stated. “If Axel hadn’t been there anything could have happened.”

Axel also has an unusual story. When Joyce adopted the dog three years ago, her best friend had been rather aggressive and the family had considered putting the dog to sleep. Not too long after that Axel calmed down and began to follow the retired dressmaker everywhere she went in the house. The two bonded;  Axel even sleeps on Joyce’s bed – an indication how attached the they have become.

Axel, thwarting off a bat beating burglar, isn’t the first time the pooch has come to his mistress’ aid. One time another dog attacked Joyce – and there was Axel, protecting his loving human.

Joyce was not seriously injured and is recuperating.

The burglar has been described as 5’5″ tall, 25-years-old with a dragon’s tail tattoo on his arm. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Greater Manchester Police  on 101, citing incident number 1447 of 13/03/18. Protect our senior citizens, and help to bring this creep to justice.

(Photos of Axel who save 86-year-old screenshots via Swns)

You’re a good boy Axel.

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  1. Axel is a hero. To think he was almost PTD! And look at the depth of his love and devotion to his owner. What a jewel!

  2. I guess the thug didn’t know she had a guardian angel by the name of Axel in her life. I’m glad she is ok, and I hope Axel got extra treats for being such a brave boy.

  3. So, Axel had been considered “aggressive” before he came to this lady. Just more evidence that the right “owner” is important to the behavior of the dog. I’m sure (since it happened with me,too) that giving the dog the love and RESPECT that he desires (most people don’t do that, they think they have to dominate and browbeat the dog) is the magic element.

  4. Joyce, You are an amazing lady and Axel is your knight in shining armor. You two were meant to be together. Long, healthy, life to both of you.

  5. Happy there is a good outcome to this “tail”. But aren’t there any good news stories closer to home? LIKE IN THE USofA?

  6. Joyce Ackerley’s life was saved because Axel came to her rescue. It is pretty obvious that due to Joyce’s love and kindness to Axel he returned her compassion twofold – I bet Axel was only considered ‘aggressive’ by his previous owners because he was poorly treated – Joyce saved him and he repaid this by saving her – Axel is a HERO no doubt about it – hope they have a long happy life together.


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