Puppy hogtied and stuffed in plastic bag tossed from moving vehicle

In Columbia, South Carolina, an adorable pit bull mix puppy is lucky to be alive. The little girl was discovered along a Richland County road hogtied, stuffed into a plastic bag and left to die. According to The State, the director of the Charleston based animal rescue group, Michelle Reid, of Valiant Animal Rescue & Relief had been notified about the situation after a witness saw the puppy thrown out of a moving vehicle.Valiant Animal Rescue 2

“We got an anonymous call from, actually a few sources, and that’s how we initially got involved,” stated Michelle. “Essentially her legs were bound together, and there was a noose placed around her neck, so every time she moved her legs, the noose would cut deeper into the front of her neck. Thankfully, there were a couple people that actually witnessed it happening, and they heard something crying, and they saw the bag moving.”Valiant Animal Rescue 3

When discovered, the female puppy was infested with parasites and had an infection from the noose which had cut into her neck. Her legs had been tied together with string, stuffed into a plastic grocery bag and thrown out onto the road as if someone intentionally wanted the puppy to suffer. Now dubbed Olivia, the puppy was  found wearing a pink collar and a yellow t-shirt.

On the organization’s Facebook page, a $1,000 reward has been offered to anyone that has information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for this cruel act.

 “I’ve been doing animal cruelty work for years and personally processed the evidence in this case as I do with all Valiant cases. This was not a quick easy task for someone to tie up a living creature in this manner. It was cold and calculated. It takes a certain kind of evil to do something like this. It was intended for this puppy to suffer immensely over time and eventually succumb and die. There is no excuse. This is pure evil!,” posted Michelle.Valiant Animal Rescue 4


The vehicle from which the pup was thrown is described as a white, older-model Ford Explorer with black rims and tinted windows. The Richland County Sheriff’s Department is investigating. Olivia is expected to make a complete recovery, but it will take time. To help with Olivia’s medical expenses, donations can be made by clicking here. You can also donate via PayPal at Arr_relief@yahoo.com or mail donations to Valiant Animal Rescue,  PO Box 13477, Charleston SC 29422.

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(Photos and video courtesy of Valiant Animal Rescue & Relief)




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  1. Tim Brady says:

    do these assholes read online posts of cruelty to animals in different ways and just try to out do the other, hope they catch the asshole or assholes who did this and stick it to them

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    Since THE PUTRID Buzzard Vomit SEEMS to LIKE Cruel Treatment…and Torture …. PUT out a $5,000 reward for someone to drop a dime on him/her!!! Then take care of them OLE Time Southern Style good OLR hot tar & OIL and if you can’t find enough feathers…. use straw… then pour LOTS of HONEY ON the entire body and tie that POS to a tree … Bears are in the hibernation stance now BUT there are plenty other animal’s looking for a damn good meal!!!! OUT THERE IN THE cold!!! I would opt for some wild Boar’s !!!!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Disgusting monsters! My opinion of the South lately is taking a big hit! Too many of these stories coming out of South Carolina. This poor baby didn’t deserve this and I hope they find who did this to $1,000 should be incentive to turn in the POS that did this! I’d turn them in for free if I knew who did this!

  4. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Que l’on pende ces sous merde haut et court, qu’ils savent se que se pauvre bébé a subit, qu’on me les laisse 5 minutes, je vais leurs faire regretter d’être nés. Y’en a marre de ces barbares.

  5. Solveig Pettersson says:

    So extremile cruel! !! Hope Little Olivia Will be recover and get a happy life ????????????hope you find how dö this !!!! Big Hugs from Sweden ❤❤❤

  6. Kathleen Drude says:

    I’m so glad that Olivia is going to be ok! From the pictures it looks like she has mange which is easily treated! The thing who did this will indeed suffer! Payback comes in the form of Karma! The thing or things that did this to Olivia will suffer! As they made this puppy so they will suffer as will the things they care about!


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