Drunken creep snagged on video beating his dog given suspended jail sentence

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An unemployed drunken creep who lives in Oldbury, West Midlands, United Kingdom was snagged on a closed circuit video camera in an elevator beating his dog. On Wednesday, Richard Cheshire, 34, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a dog when he appeared in front of a judge at Birmingham Magistrates Court.thumbs up scumbag

According to the Metro, Cheshire’s despicable actions were caught last September in the foyer of the apartment house where he lived. During his half-drunken rampage, which lasted a half-hour, area residents heard him yelling and kicking the dog named Pablo. In addition, the video showed how he stamped on the dog’s head and then spit on him during the attack. Rafe Turner, the prosecuting attorney for the RSPCA, stated an investigation was launched after the video was turned over to the animal protection organization.

“What you see is the dog being thrown across the floor of the landing and struck at least twice and spat at,” Mr. Turner told the court. The dog keeps running away and not coming to heel, probably with good reason, while the defendant chased after it.”

Pablo was not seriously hurt and the terrier mix will be made available for adoption. Cheshire’s attorney told the court his client really does love dogs, and had just taken Pablo into his home one week prior to the disturbing situation, but had been suffering from anxiety and depression and used alcohol to cope with his issues.Thumbs up scumbag 2

The judge sentenced Cheshire to a 12-month community order with the requirement to perform 120 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay $480. court costs. In addition he has been banned from keeping animals for life, but may apply after two years.

(Photos of drunken creep via screenshots from the Metro of CCTV submitted to RSPCA)

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  1. He was unemployed, suffering from anxiety and depression and using alcohol to cope with his issues? Then why do you get a dog? He had only had the dog a week and was already abusing the poor thing. Let’s blame all this on his anxiety, depression and alcohol use and just give this monster a slap on the wrist! Sounds like a “real good idea” to me!

  2. Les SDF se privent de manger pour leurs chiens, se qui prouve que la misère n’est pas une excuse pour battre son chien. Ce barbare doit être sévèrement condamné et surtout ne jamais plus posséder d’animaux, il mérite jusqu’à la fin de sa vie de subir les mêmes souffrances qu’il a fait à son chien. Ça ne mérite pas de vivre. SOUS MERDE, PARASITE.

  3. What? He has been banned for life from owning any animal but he can refile in two years! Now correct me if I’m wrong but if you tell someone they are banned for life from owning any animals how is it possible to file in two years to own animals! That doesn’t make sense! So stupidity reigns!

  4. Excuses, excuses, excuses – this drunken idiot needs to be taken into the woods, nailed to a tree and used as target practice. And as usual, authorities do nothing to punish this maggot – he will do this again, guaranteed – he is a useless waste of flesh and bone who would be crying for Mommy if given the punishment he deserves.

  5. YET AGAIN…… it is up to a judge to speak for, defend and protect animals against these sick monsters in human disguise and all the judge does is basically shake his finger at him and say no no !! WHY!! IT IS ON VIDEO…. he is kicking and beating the crap out of this poor animal… He should get 5 years in jail, $100,000 fine and BANNED FROM EVER OWNING or living in the same house as a pet!!!! If he kills someone or an animal now…. this idiot excuse of a judge SHOULD BE HELD LIABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What a load of crap this is. Judges get some clues or balls here for god’s sake. This guy will not be OKAY in two years to own another animal or “apply” …Judges could start making a difference/or statement in these cases but is this judge too scared to give harsh penalty here (no balls ) or just doesn’t give a crap about animals. After all, animals won’t retaliate as a drunk freak might. Sickening to the drunken creep , who does NOT “love” dogs as his attorney lamely argues. Double sickening to another JOKE OF A JUDGE. God help us all. Good luck to the poor pooch!


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