Houdini the dog eluded rescuers for 2 years now a cuddler

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A two-and-a-half-year-old rat terrier, who eluded all human interaction for two years while surviving the streets at a port in San Pedro, is how enjoying his new life as he cuddles up with his rescuers. Dubbed Houdini, because he was always one step ahead of his would-be rescuers, the tiny escape artist gave rescue groups Hope for Paws and Rescue from the Hart, a heck of a fight during the three day ordeal to rein in the feisty pooch.houdini-dog-3

Video recorded from the initial rescue attempt showed Houdini barking at the four people who came to save him. The dog then cleverly examined a cage which had been baited with food, managed to grab the food and quickly scampered away. On the second day, seven rescuers showed up, but that was no challenge for Houdini as he quickly disappeared. And then on the third day, when ten volunteers showed up, a defiant little terrier barked at them, but there was a lot of human motivation going on. A plan was devised, volunteers dispersed around the perimeter, and when Houdini was caught in a net, one can only imagine how angry the little guy became.houdini-dog-4

He snarled, growled, tried to bite and struggled at the netting as he fought to be free.  His paws bled.  Rescuers sat quietly with him as he slowly calmed down, and then came Mike – the port worker who had been feeding the stray little pup for over a year. He slowly lowered his hand onto Houdini’s little head, and for the first time in two years, Houdini felt the gentle touch of the man who called for help so this little dog could be saved. Once Houdini calmed down, rescuers were able to take him away from the port forever. Watch how his life changed just hours later. houdini-dog-5

Houdini is now being fostered through Rescue From the Hart, and is looking for his forever home. Interested in adopting Houdini? If you’d like to adopt,  contact Rescue From the Hart to find out more.

(Photos and video of Houdini courtesy of Hope for Paws)






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