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Blind 12-year-old pit bull waited his whole life to be rescued

A blind and homeless 12-year-old pit bull waited his whole life to be rescued, although he didn’t know it at the time. Somehow the pitbull and boxer mix was able to wander into a junkyard … Read More

Homeless dog ‘Summer’ watches as rescuers save her puppies one by one

No one knows how long Summer had been living in the streets of Los Angeles, but neighbors and friends had been feeding her. One day, it was discovered Summer had a litter of puppies; it … Read More

Rescued: Stray Gaston dog with paw stuck in coyote trap

Animal advocates across the country were alerted just days ago of a heartbreaking situation after a video circulated through social media showing a black Labrador with a coyote trap attached to her right front paw. … Read More

Homeless tripod pup cuddled on a shoe box for weeks

A homeless tripod pup had been homeless for at least five months and struggled to survive on the streets of Los Angeles. The residents in the area had no idea where Princess came from, nor … Read More

Yankee Poodle: A little boy brings love to a dog who had given up

In Los Angeles, a little stray, dirty poodle seemed to have given up on life. For days, the Internet had been abuzz with kind people asking Eldad Hagar, founder of the rescue organization, Hope Read More

Houdini the dog eluded rescuers for 2 years now a cuddler

A two-and-a-half-year-old rat terrier, who eluded all human interaction for two years while surviving the streets at a port in San Pedro, is how enjoying his new life as he cuddles up with his rescuers. … Read More