Severely matted and neglected little Hector is the ‘saddest little guy’ at Florida shelter

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Meet Hector. This seven-year-old, 20 pound little pup has been labeled the “saddest little guy” at the Broward County Animal Shelter. A Good Samaritan found him on Friday afternoon and brought him to the shelter.

According to shelter notes, Hector was severely matted, had overgrown nails, infested with fleas as well as suffering from painful ear infections. He has since been shaved and seems more amenable to being loved and hugged.

It is not known how comfortable he is when he walks as his hind legs seem a bit stiff and wobbly, but in his defense, at the time he was taken outdoors, he had still been recovering from anesthesia.

Hector needs to stay at the shelter for the three-day stray period (April 8, 2024) before being officially transferred or adopted.

For more information on Hector, please contact [email protected]. Please refer to #A2349257 when making inquiries. Follow his story here.

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