Abandoned dog left tied to pole with water and Subway sandwich

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What sadly may be a typical day at an American animal shelter is highlighted with the story of a neglected dog with puncture marks around his neck. The abandoned pup was left tied to a pole outside of a Los Angeles animal shelter Thursday morning.

A volunteer with the Jason Heigl Foundation had been at the shelter rescuing several dogs when she watched a vehicle pull up, tie this dog to a pole, leave some water and a bag of Subway sandwiches and then drive off. The people in the car left no information about the dog; it seems the poor pooch had been, in their eyes, even unworthy of having been left with his own name or identity.

Because the dog is now considered to be a “stray,” he will have to stay at the shelter for a mandatory hold period. Had his owners had the decency and the compassion to have surrendered their dog, he would have been immediately available for adoption, and the stress of having to be in a strange and noisy shelter for days lessened.

The Jason Heigl Foundation has committed to helping this dog once he becomes available for rescue or adoption. Sadly, owners like this never seem to understand how these pets suffer from heartless deeds like this either.

Rescuers are coming to help you little guy. Hang tight!

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  1. I suppose this is better than dumping the poor dog out in the middle of nowhere, but how do people live with themselves. Hope he finds a good forever home. He didn’t deserve to be treated like this!


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