Dog named ‘Monster’ fell off fishing boat and able to swim more than 3 miles to shore

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Nearly a week ago in Galveston Bay in Texas, a dog named “Monster” fell off her owner’s shrimping boat and had to swim more than three miles to get safely to shore.

Boat Captain Keith “Kiwi” Soffes and Monster are bonded, and we mean this pup and her dad never leave each other’s side. One week ago, Monster fell off the boat while they were out in Galveston Bay. Soffes hadn’t noticed his dog was missing until he had been more than three miles out to sea. Needless to say, Soffes was absolutely heartbroken.

For hours Soffes searched for Monster, and when he had no luck, he turned to Facebook for help.

I lost the one thing in this world that I truly loved. My best friend. Monster dog. We don’t really know what happened. We think she fell off the boat on a slick calm day.. she had been on the boat her whole life cent (sic) she was a puppy. I searched and searched.. hopefully somebody picked her up. We were around marker number 71 . If anyone here’s any talk about her please contact me. Totally heartbroken

I give everything I own . Which ain’t much. Just for One More kiss.. be able to say one more time let’s go home baby girl. We did a good day’s work.. one morel walk on the beach.

Keith Soffes

And the power of social media paid off for Monster and her dad. Five days later, amid lots of social media posts, tips and prayers, Monster was found; she had been left tied up at a nearby trailer park.

Luckily, Monster was not injured, although she was exhausted. She has taken her newfound fame quite well, and for sure she has enjoyed a burger, ice cream and of course a new toy.

For now on, Monster will be wearing a life jacket. Soffes is extremely grateful for everyone who turned out to help.

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