When a dog needs a fairytale ending after being left waiting in front of a creek in the pouring rain, calling on social media for help

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Zeppelin needs a home, and sadly has not had any real home environment since he was rescued in Fort Worth, Texas nearly four months ago. The one-year-old sweet pup was found abandoned next to his crate, his leash and his harness.

According to the rescue organization, The Abandoned Ones, Zeppelin cried as he waited obediently for his owner to return. And in pure frustration, the young dog’s rescuers addressed the person who so cruelly abandoned him:

“You not only put him in the most dangerous spot, you left him wondering what he did wrong. You left him in front of a creek bed that was rising, full of mosquitos, flies already all over his body. He yelped several times as they bit him constantly. To make matters worse, you left him near a very busy freeway in the pouring rain and THUNDER. He was scared he barked at you as you got close…”

The Abandoned Ones Facebook

And there he waited. One can hardly make any excuses for someone who left their dog in a secluded area with his belongings. What would have been the big deal to take him to a local shelter? At least he would have been safe from predators, dog fighters and the dangerous freeway.

“Had it not been us that rescued him, others would have approached him assuming he was aggressive. His reaction was quite understandable. While it took 45 minutes to rescue him, it was the longest night of my life. You put him at risk. You put him in a situation that no animal should ever have to experience. More importantly you put others at risk. Not because of him … because this is a dangerous area for anyone to be alone in the dark!”

The Abandoned Ones

Once Zeppelin figured out, the rescuers were there to help him, he jumped in the front seat of the car when he heard the words, “let’s go” and sighed as he curled up in the seat.

For some reason, Zeppelin whined as they drove off. Maybe he knew, his family would never find him again, or maybe he knew he had been rescued. Only Zeppelin knows that answer, but he was rescued.

But his story continues, and now we reach out to social media for help finding this sweet dog find a home. Please share this sweet dog to friends, family and social media contacts in hopes of finding his own SUPER HERO.

He is dog friendly, however his feelings about cats are unknown. He has had all of his required vaccines, is heartworm negative and is microchipped. If interested in fostering this dog, please submit a foster app at taoanimalrescue.com. Serious Inquires only.

Additional Info:

No children under age seven ( our policy )

Must agree to a home visit .Must be in the DFW,TX area.

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