Senior dog, Monty, was neglected and suffering in pain until rescuers stepped in to save him

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An older dog, dubbed Monty, was living a life of misery before rescuers took notice of his plight and stepped in to show him that the world could be a kinder place. The senior dog was badly neglected, underweight, and suffering with painful mange. Despite his suffering, Monty maintained a sweet and loving demeanor, which made Animal Aid Unlimited even more determined to get him healthy.

Monty accepted help from his rescuers with gratitude and over the course of the next six weeks, he surrendered himself to their tender assistance. For perhaps the first time in his life, Monty received food, clean water, and the touch of kind hands.

Monty sat patiently while his rescuers gave him vaccinations, anti-parasitic medication, and treatment for the mange that had ravaged his body. He seemed to be grateful for a safe place to sleep and eat, and he relished in the kindness that was being lavished upon him.

As the days turned into weeks, Monty’s body responded to the treatments, and he began to show signs of health and happiness. His eyes became brighter, his smile grew, and for the first time in ages, his fur grew back.

Monty is no longer a homeless street dog, fighting each day just to survive. He has been neutered, brought up to date on his vaccinations, and he is enjoying the life of a happy and healthy dog.

You can donate to dogs just like Monty at this link to Animal Aid Unlimited.

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