Sacramento animal abuser sentenced to prison for abusing 2 dogs

A Sacramento animal abuser will spend the next four years and eight months in prison for abusing two Chihuahuas. On Tuesday, Lamar Robinson, 22, was sentenced to prison after having pleaded guilty to viciously beating two Chihuahuas in December 2017.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, headed by Hilary Bagley-Franzoia, works with a task force investigating and prosecuting animal abuse cases. Robinson was seen by a witness “body slamming” one of the tiny dogs to the sidewalk and holding a second unconscious, small dog by its neck, at a northern Sacramento County apartment development.

Two days later, Robinson was arrested, after authorities encountered him walking two dogs with apparent injuries, which included a broken leg. After the dogs were seized, subsequent x-rays revealed the dogs had suffered multiple fractures in various stages of healing. The dogs belonged to Robinson’s girlfriend. Video from surveillance footage revealed some of the egregious beatings the two dogs endured.

Both dogs survived. Judge Lawrence Brown sentenced Robinson to prison after the defendant pleaded guilty to eight counts of felony abuse.

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14 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Great news! Prison sentence for a cretin who abused his girlfriend’s 2 small dog. What a man to beat up on 2 small dogs-NOT! He deserves more but in a civilized society can’t do more that I am thinking of.

  2. Denise Moore says:

    First RIP to the little furkids he murdered and Good to bad we can’t give him 10 years or more! This is a start

  3. Pamela Garlisch says:

    8 counts and he only got 4 years and change. I guess it’s a start! Kudos to the judge though for more than just a slap on the wrist.

  4. Red says:

    Four years and eight months is fantastic. NOW….if he will have to serve all 56 months…that will be wonderful. However, if the judge suspends the sentence or lets him out on “good behavior” after only a few months….what’s the use? He will OF COURSE have good behavior in prison…..or someone will be the snot out of him, especially if they know what he did to two small dogs.
    MAKE HIM SERVE THE FULL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jan Barnes says:

    Sentence not long enough. Hope he gets a “special place” in prison where he can regularly experience the same treatment he inflicted on the poor little dogs!

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Lamar Robinson may have been sentenced to four years eight months BUT will most likely be released after serving a minimal amount of time – after all its just dogs – that is exactly what will happen – no way will this hunk of sewer slime serve the full sentence. Maybe a shank in the shower will give him the true punishment he deserves -somehow someway this punk needs to meet his fate – he deserves no less.


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