Woman claims that dentist killed her dog with a baton

Woman claims dentist killed her dog
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A woman claims that a Sacramento, California, dentist killed her dog, Milo. According to KCRA News, Chelsea Hall’s dog was accompanying her on a walk this week when the man, who has not yet been charged or publicly identified, attacked him with a baton.

The dog owner’s claim

Hall claims that she was walking with Milo, an eight-year-old “fat” Chihuahua and her other dog, Peanut; Milo was off-leash at the time. Hall claims that the man was watching her from across the street and that he had a wooden baton in his hand, and the leash for his own dog in the other. Hall recounted what happened to the news agency:

“Once Peanut starts barking, (the man) starts approaching my direction,” she said. “(The man) came towards the sidewalk. I had Peanut right here and Milo was there — and (Milo) kind of just waddled up to his dog and they met and touched noses. Then (the man) whacked (Milo) with his baton.”

Milo died instantly after being struck with the baton. Hall has stated that she screamed at the man that he killed her dog, but the man walked away into a nearby dentist office.

A different version of the story?

KCRA reports that the dentist calls Hall’s version of what transpired that morning a total “fabrication.” He is, however, unwilling to share his own version of what took place. Fox 40 reports that Hall is now afraid to walk in her own neighborhood following the traumatic incident.


The dentist is currently not being charged, but the case is under investigation. Milo’s body is being sent out for a necropsy.

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  1. This is horrible, if this man did kill this little dog like this, he needs to be charged (have to wonder why he won’t tell his side of the story)! I can’t imagine seeing my dog killed like this but trust me, the Dentist would be sorry he ever did it to MY Dog. I would be the one facing charges. I hope this owner can get some justice for little Milo, rest in peace precious little one, you didn’t deserve this!

  2. Humans are a waste. What is the real story and why did this guy hit Milo so hard that he died instantly. The anger this cretin has needs to be dealt with for whatever his stupid reason is. We must have better laws for the deaths of dogs at the hands of monsters like this.

    Please keep us informed as to what happens with this investigation.

  3. My first reaction is just why this woman had one of her dogs off leash. This is just another case that shows why you should ALWAYS have your dog leashed when not in your home or a securely fenced yard. That said, the man had NO legitimate reason to do what he did. We have a man in our neighborhood who carries a wooden baseball bat with him when he walks his two small dogs. Until about a year ago, there was a rather aggressive Chow who lived on the other side of our small subdivision – the dog did NOT have a fenced yard but was tethered outside for periods of time. The dog broke his tether and came after my senior dog, Suki, who was leashed a few years ago. I shielded Suki with my body and screamed at the top of my lungs at the dog. The owners ran out and got their dog before there was any injury involved, but apparently the man who carries the baseball bat had a similar issue. However, to carry a bat with you while walking your dog? I’d think pepper spray or something would be more suitable.

    I just hope they charge the man in this article. An innocent dog is dead, failed by a man he never even met before and in some part by his own owner, for letting him off leash.

  4. Milo should have been on a leash, but for him to be killed is terrible……. I would sue that POS for damages (a great attorney can really help)…… If that had been my furbaby, this useless POS would have been in the morgue and I would have been the one arrested…….

    RIP Milo, you did NOT deserve to be murdered……. Precious little treasure, RIP and look for MacKitty in Heaven….. you will be welcome to join his group of snuggle buddies…….. so sorry that you were failed so horribly by humans……..

    That POS who murdered you will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty……. let’s hope he gets there ASAP after suffering a terrible death in pain, alone, afraid and unloved…….

  5. The woman standing up for the abuser is of course going to defend him. She has to work around him in the same building. Only the girl and man were there. Truth is, the only thing that matters is that this man hit a little innocent dog. Even if milo was barking, he still was limited on how he could move. This man was wrong

  6. Another horrible story….that could have been averted. WHY DO PEOPLE WALK THEIR DOGS OFF LEASH!?!?!?!?!?!? Go to a freaking dog park if they do not like leashes. It is just not worth the chance that your pet will bolt across a street, be attacked by another dog, go after someone….why take that chance? Everyone likes to think their dog is special and minds perfectly….. they just don’t. One distraction, or IDIOT neighbor and you have a tragedy!
    RIP sweet little Milo.
    DO NOT LET THIS SCUMBAG MAN OFF…… he killed someone’s pet!

  7. This is not acceptable and there needs to be charges filed against this dog murder. Just because he’s a dentist doesn’t make him above the law. The ignorance of some humans is astounding. So sorry Milo was murdered, RIP baby

  8. RIP Milo. Perfect example why people go ballistic and shoot asses like him. Glad I dont live in CA. I would shoot his ass and have no remorse as he has none for Milo and what he did. Being off leash IS NO REASON TO MURDER the dog unless the dog attacked you. Milo did not.

  9. The Dentist is either a very aggressive , abusive , Rich Son of a Bitch that the authorities are afraid to deal with… We all know the cost of dental care and I am sure this Brutal individual has a High Profile Attorney that has made calls to the Police Commissioner , Mayor , and any other official of Stature in the Community… A classic example of Money Talks!!! Milo nor him owner deserved this to Happen Ever… I with this lady would put an article in the newspaper and an Attorney that is an Animal Advocate Would take a Case against the Abuser…


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