Laboring mother euthanized

City shelter manager speaks out about laboring mother dog who was euthanized

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The city manager of the Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare agency in Texas has spoken out about the recent killing of pregnant dog who was in labor. According to City Manager Jared Miller, the dog, known as G7, was killed because she had displayed aggression towards humans and animals.

The official story

According to the animal control agency, G7 had instigated a fight with a male dog at her owner’s home one day before she was taken in by the animal control agency. A person who was trying to break up the dog fight was seriously injured by the male dog. The male was removed by animal control and euthanized. The female, G7, allegedly attacked two other people at the same residence a short time later. She was also surrendered to animal control.

The public expressed outrage

G7’s euthanasia sparked a great deal of outrage from the public. Not only was the dog killed while in labor, but her puppies were euthanized as well. As reported by ABC 6 News, a group of people gathered outside of city hall on Wednesday to protest the dog’s euthanasia. The city manager stands by the agency’s decision to put the laboring dog down – Miller stated:

“according to policy and accepted veterinary medicine practices of the American Veterinary Medical Association, examples of qualification for immediate euthanasia include aggression directed at humans and of animals.”

The end of the story?

Dacia Anderson, who originally made a public Facebook post about the incident, is quoted in People Pets:

“Jared Miller, city manager, stated some new information regarding the incident that occurred with G7 leading to her surrender to AAMW. However, this raised more questions as to how this situation was handled (and mistakes made by AAMW),” Anderson said. “People are now seeking public records such as police reports, 911 calls, etc. The timeline discussed needs a lot of gaps filled in. Why was G7, who was labeled as the “aggressor” not taken into custody when the first 911 call was made? Why was this information not released before? Was proper bite protocol taken and the specimens sent for rabies testing per state law?”

What are your thoughts?

Do you believe that the animal control agency followed the proper protocol for G7 and her puppies? Please feel free to voice your concerns or thoughts in the comment section below.

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50 replies
  1. Me' says:

    Damn liars trying to cover up what they did. I call bs on the aggression. She was pregnant. To kill her and her babies was and is wrong. They all should be hung

  2. Pam Yarrington says:

    No this was not the proper or humane thing to do. Even if the dog was “aggressive” which l find very questionable there is no excuse to kill her while she is giving birth…and then kill all the innocent puppies too. This matter needs to be thoroughly investigated…many shelters in Texas have horrible policies and they kill alot of dogs…it needs to stop!

    • Shelly R Berchem says:

      AGREE 100%, who knows what type of pet owners owned these pets to begin with, were they providing proper amount of food to both pets, and how were the pets treated that made them both become aggressive??? I have read and heard that some pet owners make their pets aggressive and encourage that behavior and I am not referring to dog fighters. Than when the pet’s become too aggressive the owners blame the pet’s… Who knows what goes on behind closed doors in a home with pets. And for the shelter to KILL the female and her babies says they did NOT want to deal with more pit bull’s puppy’s to care for, feed and adopt out!

  3. Shirlann says:

    This Jared Miller is a idiot. Any kind of a animal who is pregnant will be aggressive at times.They are protective just like a human mother when she is pregnant.This was just so wrong to kill this mother dog and her puppies. They were never given a chance at a life.What I have seen and read lately Texas has no regard for animals.

    • susispot says:

      I agree with you. An expectant mom is VERY protective and especially after giving birth. If she was such a danger, she could have been euth’ed after pups were weaned. They just want to kill at that place.

    • Dana Ortega says:

      For certain Amarillo Tx will be noted for this and for many years to come…
      I’m a Texan and my heart is shattered for G7 and her family/baby’s…
      The Director of Animal Management and Welfare was shipped to Amarillo Tx from Kansas, so he’s not a Texan…may he be like Dorothy from the wizard of Oz with one acception for him, THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HELL

  4. Cheri says:

    The shelter did not fail this dog. Society did. Everyone who is bashing Amarillo Animal Management…are all of your pets fixed? Are all of your relatives, friends and neighbors pets fixed? Have there been any intentional or unintentional litters?? Have any or your relatives, friends or neighbors bought from a breeder or a pet store while homeless dogs are left in shelters? Sadly there are too many dogs and not enough good homes and the home this dog came from was obviously not a good home. This shelter is doing the hard work due to irresponsible pet owners.
    There is no reason to bring more dogs into the world when there are not enough homes for the ones in shelters now.
    And many ‘no-kill’ shelters are nothing but ‘slow-kill’ shelters. Leaving unadopted dogs (or cats) stacked in kennels in the basement or in some dingy room to languish for years in the name of ‘no-kill.’ And when they are full they turn away dogs and cats, for what?? To be dumped or live on a chain in someone’s back yard for 13 years and continue to reproduce.

    • Cynthia Como says:

      You are very misinformed on no kill shelters….and very heartless to say the least! DO UR HOMEWORK

    • Jan Barnes says:

      I don’t believe it for one second! A full investigation needs to be undertaken!
      This action was merciless, cruel and criminal! This was just plain murder of all of these innocent and defenseless dogs!

    • Lynnette Spratley says:

      So allowing puppies in the womb to die a slow death once the mother dog died is okay with you because there are already too many dogs in this country? And heart stick is okay with you, too? Amarillo sucks at animal management.

  5. Sierra McMillen says:

    No i don’t think animal control followed protocol regarding G7 and her puppies. She was just trying to protect her puppies. What did you expect to happen that she would give kisses and wag her tail while she was in labour. So who the fuck made them judge jury and executioner. To kill an innocent mamma and her unborn puppies

  6. Pamela Garlisch says:

    This “story” sounds fishy to me. It sounds like the City Manager is trying to protect his butt. Hopefully one of the shelter volunteers will have a spine to make a statement about the dog WITHOUT being pressured to make up a story. I know that person will probably lose their job if they tell an alternate story but the truth needs to come out. Hopefully it will.

    • Cynthia Como says:

      A volunteer did speak up and that is how this story got out to the public! She saw ZERO aggression in this dog! I also read the moma dog was still trying to clean her baby that was born as she died

  7. maxiemom says:

    THIS IS BULLS**T!!!!

    He killed her, and is attempting to justify what he did, purely on her former owners’ say-so!

    Excuse me, but aren’t THEY the people who threw her away?

    Also, since the MALE DOG was the aggressor, and the MALE DOG is the one who hurt the first person, doesn’t it stand to reason that the problem was with him?

    Secondly, isn’t the other problem, again, that she was pregnant, and agitated due to her condition? It sounds like her home life was worse than stressful, and that yes, the scum she was living with were breeding her and that to them she was a cash cow!

    Did she really attack anyone? She’s undoubtedly paying for what the male dog did, and THAT’S why they got rid of her. If she attacked anyone in that home, she did it in SELF DEFENSE, and probably in the defense of her unborn puppies.

    For this a*****e at the shelter to take THEIR say-so in taking her life is CRIMINAL! There’s already a statement from someone who works at the shelter saying that she was friendly! This guy might be trying to CHA, but he should know by now that people lie all the time when they turn their dogs in. To take the word of someone who’s taking their dog, especially their HEAVILY PREGNANT DOG, to the shelter, is one of the most ignorant things any shelter director can do.

    He should be fired and never rehired by any shelter again.

    • Peggy says:

      Thank you for so eloquently stating my exact thoughts……
      word for word!! No matter how you look at it – the entire situation is despicable!!

    • Bunny Peters says:

      You said what I am thinking!!!!!

      I am heartsick for those poor little treasures who never got a chance to live, love & be loved……

      We need real answers, not CHA answers……

  8. Tina L Johnston says:

    It seems to me like someone was lacking common sense and a cool head combined with breed discrimination. Did no one think to question why a dog that had no history of aggression all of a sudden show aggressive behavior? She may have been in labor or in pain or perhaps something wasn’t “right” with her pregnancy. She was obviously not herself and obviously in pain. How did these people judge that the innocent puppies were going to be aggressive dogs??? This whole situation smells of breed discrimination, poor judgment and lack of education of those who run this shelter. This is not the 1950’s. Perhaps they need some modern training and to study the story of the “Vicktory” dogs to get it right. Rest in peace G7 and your innocent puppies. I’m sure you have gone to a better, less cruel place.

  9. Cynthia Como says:

    So far I am not convinced that the facts are true in this heartbreaking case! I think more was involved at this poor dogs home! Did anyone consider that because she was going into labor that she was not herself? Was she being antagonized by the other dog or children in the home? There are humans at this killing factory that interacted with this laboring dog and saw no aggression with this dog. Sorry I’m not buying what these umcompassionate people are selling. I think there is way too much info missing to justify the killing of this mother dog and her puppies,I feel someone is lying….be it the owners of this dog or the killers of this dog! SMH

  10. Betty says:

    This was bullshit If she was that bad why did she would go to the lady for comfort that was there
    So wrong
    You people are worst then wild animals
    Killing Mom and her babies as she was having them Where your heart
    You don’t have any, Cold hearted bastards
    That all you are

  11. Cynthia says:

    Oh please, this animal control is just like all the rest !! All they know is KILL !! They don’t give a damn about the poor animals that get dumped !! Yes, the irresponsible owners are just as bad as they are !! I live in NY, and the Animal Control Centers recently changed their name to Animal “Care” Centers !! They wouldn’t know the meaning of “Care” if it bit them in their asses !!!!! That goes for our moron of a mayor who made a campaign promise for complete shelter reform, but once he took office, he dumped all 3 Animal Control Centers in the laps of the Dept. of Health, and they would kill ALL the animals there if they could get away with it !!!!!

  12. Darlene Wilson says:

    I agree with most of you! Had she been at fault then she would haven been taken when the male was they I believe they are trying to cover their butts, make an excuse where there is none! And Cheri up above, yes, Mine are fixed, have NEVER BOUGHT FROM A BREEDER, AND CURRENTLY CARE FOR 15 to 20 outside feral cats and they are all fixed, vet-ed, and cared for daily! I am responsible for ME AND MINE! Now I help out others also! Sounds as if you work for or friends of these people! There’s no excuse for their actions! THEY MURDERED A MOTHER GIVING BIRTH AND KILLED HER BABIES! So, Cheri you going to tell me that her BABIES were AGGRESSIVE too and deserved to DIE???? To coin a phrase “I HATE STUPID PEOPLE! THEY SHOULD HAVE TO WEAR A SIGN THAT SAYS” I’AM STUPID!””!!!!!

  13. Deborah Dearmore says:

    They just flat out murdered her and her babies. I think the whole damn facility should be held responsible for this. I cannot believe they have the nerve to blame it on this poor baby. If she was so aggressive, why did they let her live til she was in labor. It just doesn’t make no sense. Give them a good shot and put all the”superiors” down and see how their families like it. I bet they would surely raise he’ll. You can’t call them humans, they have no souls. May they all rot in hell for what they have done.

  14. Barkley's Mom says:

    Displayed aggression? I am willing to be the only aggression was from Jared Miller, city manager! I don’t believe their story and reasoning for killing a mother dog and her unborn puppies! The whole incident needs to be investigated!

  15. Larry says:

    Total BS. This is simply a case of CWA by the city manager. Why not allow the dog to deliver the puppies, then after the puppies could be weaned, then test the mother for aggression? DId anyone investigate the claims of the individuals who surrendered the dog? Could it be possible that someone just didn’t want to deal with newborn puppies? Rationalization and excuses. Everyone involved should be fired . . . then hanged for murder.

  16. Mary Ann Clark says:

    I think they have all lied including the owners! They just wanted to get rid of the dogs! This needs to be investigated by an outside agency! I will sign any petitions!

  17. Cat says:

    I do not believe a word they said. Just lying to cover up the cruel death of a dog in labor. They should be removed from their jobs and hire people who actually care.

  18. Mary Ann Clark says:

    There needs to be an independent investigation into this shelter and those owners whose sole aim was to kill these dogs and their puppies! This needs a petition to force them to comply! I personally believe that this was pre-meditated mass murder!

  19. BA says:

    Just like the cops shooting INNOCENT DOGS and its always the same BS “aggressive” this is a disgrace – they slaughtered her and innocent puppies..
    lets them sleep at night lying!!! This was not handled right and all there lies cant cover up the SLAUGHTER!!!! he is a disgrace – KARMA KARMA

  20. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I think it was all handled WRONG!!!! I can’t blame her for being aggressive if the owners weren’t handling her right and as far as the staff they NEVER even gave her a chance!!!! She should NOT have been killed the way she was and her innocent babies were killed also this is sowrong and was handled completely wrong!!! Just trying to justify themselves.

  21. Nancy Raymond says:

    This is nothing more than a cover up to excuse the cruelty dealt to G7 (she didn’t even deserve a name) by Jared Miller and the whole Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare agency – to literally kill a dog while giving birth is beyond cruel and unnecessary – they only proved what the state of Texas is well known for – a total lack of humanity towards animals. This dump and its management should be thoroughly investigated – no way do I believe any of the BS handed out by this crap agency.

  22. Nancy Raymond says:

    This is nothing more than a cover up instituted by Jared Miller and his cronies due to the outrage people spoke out to this dump masquerading as an animal welfare agency. To murder a dog while giving birth is beyond deplorable and they know it. G7 (she didn’t ever deserve a name) was murdered basically because of her breed and they couldn’t be bothered to give her any consideration or kindness – so they just killed her as cruelly as possible. Par for the course in this crap state of Texas where animals are considered disposable objects. I hope people who care will not stop badgering this dump until certain people are fired – they can spew all the verbal vomit they want, their cruelty is now known all over the country. This poor dog and her puppies deserved MUCH better.

  23. Annie says:

    You think !!!!! She’s pregnant and you are harassing her even wanting to kill her … Why would you think she wouldn’t be aggressive. You and your employees are heartless !!!!

  24. Angela says:

    Why was she not properly assessed once she was in kennels? I certainly wouldn’t beleive what surrendering owners tell me without checking out her temperament myself. If she had been fighting with another dog and they intervened then yes you probably will get bitten! This is was a pregnant bitch, close to giving birth and her hormones would have been all over the place. The system failed this dog by murdering her and her babies and I bet it’s down to money, time, resources and probably nothing to do with this poor dogs temperament.

  25. Carol says:

    Poor mama was thrown under the bus by her crappy owners bc they didn’t want to deal with puppies. Happens all of the time, bc they didn’t spay mama. Then shelter manager uses the oldest and most frequent excuse to kill her – aggressive! BULLSHIT! They just reduced their work load is all, they have no empathy for precious innocent puppies, especially PBT. The shelter manager and all staff who support this kind of behavior should be fired and the county should hire a manager with the goal of No Kill, and she/he should hire staff that will have a No Kill goal. It can be done if shelter manager will become familiar with and implement Nathan Winograd’s No Kill principles.

  26. PAMELA D says:



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