8-week-old puppy beaten, burned alive and left to die

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The RSPCA Victoria is reaching out to the public to identify the person(s) responsible for an eight week-old puppy beaten, burned alive and left to die in a park. According to the press release by the organization’s rescue workers, the kelpie puppy was found by a Good Samaritan after having been left for dead in a Melbourne, Victoria public park.

The puppy was discovered Wednesday evening and was rushed to the Animal Accident and Emergency (AAE) in Point Cook. Veterinarians believe the dog had been beaten several days prior before she was found. RSPCA Victoria Senior Inspector Daniel Bode said the AAE veterinarian team did all they could to save the puppy, but the extent of her injuries had affected her internal organs.

“Her mouth was swollen and possibly fractured before she was burned and left for dead in the park,” stated Inspector Bode. “Clearly it is the intention of the offender or offenders to not only cause the death of this puppy, but to inflict pain and suffering as well. There is no way this puppy suffered in silence and are appealing to anyone who heard, saw or knows anything around the circumstances leading up to her death to come forward.”

Authorities have launched an investigation and are currently canvassing the neighborhood and going door to door hoping to pick up information about this heinous crime. Rest in peace innocent little one.

Anyone with information in relation to this matter is asked to contact RSPCA Victoria Inspectorate on 9224 2222 or make a report via email at rspcavic.org. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. People convicted of offenses under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act face fines up to $75,600 and up to two years’ imprisonment.

(Photo of puppy beaten, burned alive via RSPCA Victoria)

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18 replies
  1. edward says:

    Hey there praying I’ll find those assholes but I will do more than burn them they’ll wish they were never f****** born like I tell all the low-life scum bags my friend, karma’s a b****

  2. maxiemom says:

    Find the monsters responsible for this! When people say ‘she was just a dog’, they prove what monsters they are! NO ONE should suffer like that, unless they are the fiends responsible for such a crime. When the scum is found, do the exact same thing to them, without any medical intervention.

    • Rhonda Maclean says:

      Sadly no, they are still searching for her owner. She has been named Marcie and there is a vigil being held for her in the park where she was found. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to her. Unfortunately animal abusers are rarely sent to prison or fined the maximum in this country, I know I live in NSW. RIP puppy Marcie ?


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