Rearview mirror image of what heartless owners see when they dump their dog on the road

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In a heartbreaking reminder of the cruelty involved when heartless owners decide to dump their dogs, Villalobos Rescue Center, posted a photo of a dog chasing his owner’s car after having been abandoned on a desolate highway.

“How does the sight of them chasing your car not rip your heart out?” the rescue organization asked on their social media page.

A local woman, who was angry the rescue couldn’t take her two dogs because of lack of space, dumped the dogs along a lonely road. It took two days for the staff of Villalobos to capture them. Sadly, dogs being dumped had been happening all weekend, and just when they thought that this was bad enough, another tragic situation loomed close to home.

“And with each dog that is thrown at us, the owners don’t care that we don’t have room or that we don’t have the manpower or money to take on more dogs until more are adopted out. These people don’t want to hear that we need help, and their only goal is to ‘get rid of their dog, no matter what the dog is put through.'”

Each dog that come into Villalobos cost $1,000 (most of the dogs are heartworm positive).

“How pathetic is it, that the current owners won’t help with their own dogs, and we have to ask for your help? For that, we are sorry but we can’t do it without the help from caring people such as yourselves.”

To help VRC and some of these “swamp dogs,” please check out the donation page at:

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