Ohio man arrested for drowning and freezing 10-month-old puppy to death

In Highland Heights, Ohio, the owner of a 10-month-old Yorkshire terrier contacted authorities to report two hours of security footage in her home showing her boyfriend submerging her puppy in water in the sink and then pushing the dog into the freezer multiple times until she died. The man then put the dog, Coco, back into her bed.

Phil Savelli, has been arrested by Highland Police and charged with animal cruelty. Savelli is currently out on bail.

A petition, Change.org described the heart wrenching details:

“On June 2nd, Phil Savelli tortured and murdered a sweet ten month old Yorkie puppy named Coco. While his girlfriend wasn’t home, he tortured the puppy for two hours by beating her, drenching her in water and putting her in the freezer until she froze to death. He then put the puppy back in her crate for the owner to find. All two hours were captured on cameras in the house.”

Helga Semaj, the dog’s owner, found her puppy dead in her dog bed last Wednesday. Semaj is asking authorities to apply Goddard’s Law in this case. Goddard’s Law makes it a fifth degree felony to knowingly cause serious physical harm to a companion animal, which is defined as activities involving a substantial risk of death, a partial or permanent incapacity, long-term pain, or deprivation of food, water and shelter.

The story of what happened to Coco is being shared on social media with the hashtag #justiceforcoco.

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