Strong-willed emaciated dog on the brink of death fights to live

Animal advocates in Waterloo, Iowa were outraged this week when a strong-willed dog arrived at the shelter without the strength to even lift her own head. Emaciated and dehydrated – weighing barely 18.8-pounds, the young dog was on the brink of death.

The Cedar Bend Humane Society stepped up to help. The description of the dog’s condition was heartbreaking:

“Every bone was clearly visible, and there were no signs of muscle or fat definition throughout her entire body. She was unsurprisingly apprehensive. Nervous. Scared. The only movement she was able to do besides moving her eyes around to look at us was open and close her mouth … barely,” the organization posted on Facebook along with the photos as she was brought in to be examined.

This has been one of the most severe cases of starvation the staff at Cedar Bend Humane Society have ever seen. It is estimated she had only been a day, hours or even minutes away from death. Even when she was examined by the organization’s medical team, they were unsure if humane euthanasia would have been the kindest decision. Something in this dog’s eyes however said,

“I’m still fighting.”

And now four days later, this young dog is eating, and although her nutrition and the timing of her meals have been medically planned, she remains enthusiastic and eager for each meal. She has tried to stand twice to use the bathroom, but mainly she lies still, saving her energy; perhaps working up the strength to wag her tail.

“We don’t know how someone could have let this happen. We don’t know how this strong-willed lady survived. We don’t know how long she had been in a constant state of pain and suffering.”

The medical staff believe she is a shepherd mix and young. More will be known about her as she gains weight and regains her strength. For now, she remains an incredible fighter.

By now one may have noticed this pup still doesn’t have a name. For the next few days, every donation can be accompanied by a name suggestion. At the end of the 72 hours, her foster mom, Merry, will make that decision.

Please consider donating towards her life-saving care and join us on her journey to recovery.

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