Dumpster puppies: Itchy, scared, wild and left to die in trash pile

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In Union Parish, Louisiana, four very scared puppies were rescued on Saturday after a Good Samaritan spotted them the previous evening near the county dump. The kindhearted woman was able to capture the smallest male, and in the morning returned to capture the other three puppies with the help of a couple who had stopped to leave them dog food.

“They were terrified, and she said they ‘fought like wild animals,'”  wrote the rescuer, Jennifer Nichols Pesnell of Paws of NE Louisiana.

“These babies likely haven’t had much (if any) kindneww from humans but all that changed today! I scooped them up from her and headed straight to the awesome friends at Cooper Vet where we learned that besides being covered with fleas/ticks, they also have sarcoptic mange, bacteria skin infections and hookworms.”



The puppies have since been bathed, fleas and ticks removed and medications to reduce swelling and inflammation applied.

“Please, please, please donate if you can to help us care for these little ones. PAWS can’t save these innocent lives who didn’t ask to be tossed out like trash without your support. They have a long road of them and I promise to keep everyone updated on their journey to good health and happiness.”

Consider a donation for their care through PayPal to pawsnela@yahoo.com). You can also join our rescue page Friends of the NE LA Rescue Program to follow their journey.

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3 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    OMG: those poor precious little treasures…… I am so glad that they were rescued!!!!!! How could anyone not want to care for babies is beyond my comprehension……. I just don’t understand how anyone could hurt babies AND leave them in the trash to die???????

    My heart breaks for all the babies like these who go undiscovered and suffer horrible deaths…… their lives were stolen before they had a chance to live, love and be loved……

    Thank goodness these precious little treasures were saved and have a chance to live, love and be loved……

    Whoever neglected these precious little treasures and left them to die has earned a reserved space in Hell to burn forever for their cruelty…… they can’t get to Hell fast enough!!!


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