Pony kicks tourist on beach after being hit with shovel

Near Ocean City, Maryland, Assateague Island National Seashore spans 37 miles of beautiful beaches. On there, more than 300 ponies wander the beaches, the inland forests and the salt marshes. Tourists come far and wide to watch the ponies – signs clearly state to stay at least 40 feet away from the ponies at all times.

A video posted on the Delmarva Fisherman Follies Facebook page perhaps reminds all of us to leave the ponies alone. An older woman is shown taking a shovel on a wooden stick and hitting one of the ponies in the butt as the pony sniffed around her beach blanket.

The pony wasn’t having any of it from the woman, and backs up and kicks. The woman bounces back, falls on the sand; she didn’t seem to be injured although she may have had the “wind let out of her sails” – we can only hope a lesson was learned. LEAVE THE PONIES ALONE!

“Pony 1
Dumb ass Tourist 0”, the caption above the video stated.

Check out the video:

Pony Kicks Tourist

Pony 1Dumb ass Tourist 0DSF has the story … here … https://www.delaware-surf-fishing.com/pony-lays-out-tourist-after-being-hit/

Posted by Delmarva Fishermen Follies on Saturday, June 27, 2020

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5 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Obviously this idiot has NEVER been near a horse……. I was taught to always approach a horse from the left front side….. horses are herd animals, panic easily and will kick at what they perceive to be a threat.

    This was a very “mild“ lesson on what not to do around horses. It could have been much worse (fatal) had the horse wanted to actually harm her vs. teach a simple lesson (don’t approach ANY horse from behind)…..

    Leave wild horses alone and don’t expect them to be like the “cartoon horses” in children’s tv shows……

  2. Kate says:

    She got just what she deserved. I wanted to kick her as well entitled human that she is.. There are signs and all the pony did was sniff her blanket


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