Puppy dumped at Texas kill shelter and this is the only life she knows

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A 10-month-old puppy was dumped at a Texas kill shelter; clearly neglected this is likely the only life she has ever known. When a desperate plea for help went out on social media, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped forward.

Dubbed Rainbow by her rescuers, all she wants is a gentle touch and someone to be kind.  Perhaps being surrendered to a shelter was a streak of luck for Rainbow. She is in need of immediate medical intervention. Rainbow is covered with mange; she has open lesions all over her body from the endless itching, scratching, oozing and licking trying to find some relief. In addition, this pathetic little one is emaciated, malnourished and anemic.

Follow Rainbow’s long journey to a new life. She will never have to suffer again.

Updates on this sweet puppy to follow.

For now, Rainbow needs donations to help with her veterinarian care. To donate:


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