Florida woman tried to drown cat

Florida woman arrested for allegedly trying to drown cat in culvert

A Florida woman was arrested after being observed trying to shove a cat’s head underwater in a culvert. As reported by the Dayton Beach News-Journal, 37-year-old Amanda Goodwin was observed holding a gray cat, named Hubble, underneath the water in a drainage culvert.

When officers with the Edgewater Police Department arrived, they found Goodwin, and the cat, wet and muddy. As reported by Fox 35 News, a witness stated, “She was shoving the cats head in the culvert pipe and putting dirt on the cat.” Adding, “I’ve never seen a cat pant like a dog. Its gums were white.”

The woman accused of trying to harm the cat told officers that she was just trying to give the “thirsty” cat some water.

Hubble was taken to the Edgewater Animal Shelter for care – he is expected to be okay. Goodwin was taken to the Volusia County Jail – she is facing a charge for animal cruelty.

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