Heartbreak and fear: Owner surrendered pup to high kill shelter and walked away

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In another heart wrenching photo of an owner who surrendered his pup to a high kill shelter in California on Friday, how could animal rescue volunteers explain to a dog who only wanted to crawl closer to the person who was betraying her trust?

“We intercepted her and she was so scared,” animal advocate Faith Easdale posted on social media. “She didn’t understand why her family didn’t want her anymore.

I can tell you this. She wouldn’t have made it out of the shelter she would have been terrified there!”

Tragically, dogs that express fear when surrendered have less of a chance for adoption. This dog was no different. She was so scared and just wanted to be near her human;  she stayed as close as possible – begging with her eyes looking up at her human as if pleading not to leave her.

This dog got lucky. Rescuers were there to intervene, and when a volunteer approached the dog, the pain and her broken heart showed in her face.

“I wish they could see their animals heart broken and their pain. They should have to see that! We try to heal their broken heart. Sometimes ours break right along side them.”

This dog was one of the lucky ones. She has been rescued by Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets (FOCHP).  

To donate, please click here.

Many thanks to all the rescuers involved in saving these innocent victims of human neglect, greed or indifference.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Glad this little baby was rescued. Others are not so lucky. Anyone who drops their pet off at a shelter and doesn’t look back, needs 2 phone calls, one that their dog is terrified at being in a shelter cage and the final call should be we are going to kill your dog and you should be here to see how he/she dies. Can you imagine if those calls were made to the scummy people who dump their animals?


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