Update: Mastiff’s severe leg injury requires surgery

In a senseless and heartless act of animal cruelty, a mastiff  had been left trapped in the basement of an abandoned house in Georgia.  The wire been wrapped around the her back leg nearly severed her limb in half. No one knows how long she had been lying in the corner on the dirt packed floor, but whoever abandoned her, left her there helpless, suffering and unable to free herself.

Early Thursday morning,  the 123-pound dog, named Grace, was sedated and the wire strangling her leg was surgically removed. Surgeons had hoped to save her leg stating the tendon in her leg was still intact. Doctors waited 24-hours to determine if her leg could be spared, however it has since turned necrotic and will therefore need the amputation.

“You can see she also has a deep wound on the other leg from that awful wire that was strangling her leg for God knows hoe long… Grace was being fed as she’s overweight and this means whoever fed her saw her leg and did nothing to help her,” co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC posted on the dog’s update early Friday morning. “How sick is that? Seriously disgusting!”


Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. To help with Grace’s medical expenses and recovery, donations can be sent via the following link:


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(Photos and video of Grace who will need a leg amputation courtesy of RDR NYC)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Grace will pull through this surgery and just a small roadblock on her path to recovery. So glad RDR of NYC got her and she is being well taken care of. It would be good if they could somehow find her owner so they could be charged for allowing this to happen. Someone has to know who lived in that house and the police should not drop this case.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Unfortunately, Grace’s leg could not be saved – but she is safe and dogs can manipulate easily on three legs. Whoever did this will hopefully get exactly what they deserve – a date with a semi that splatters their useless ass all over the road and no one cares. Now all Grace needs is a safe loving home with a family that could care less that she only has three legs.


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