Mastiff found abandoned in basement with wire wrapped around her leg

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In a senseless and heartless act of animal cruelty, a mastiff  had been left trapped in the basement of an abandoned house in Georgia.  A wire had been wrapped around the dog’s back leg nearly severing her leg in half. No one knows how long she had been lying in the corner on the dirt packed floor, but whoever abandoned her, left her there helpless, suffering and unable to free herself.

On Wednesday night, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC offered to help the 123 pound dog dubbed Grace. She was quickly transferred to an emergency veterinarian hospital where she was administered life saving treatment and pain relieving medication. Early Thursday morning, Grace was sedated and the wire strangling her leg was surgically removed. It is not known at this time if Grace’s leg can be saved although there is hope.

“Grace is at a top ER hospital and the ER doctor and surgeon believe there is a chance the leg can be saved,” co-founder of the rescue Jackie O’Sullivan wrote on Facebook in an update. “The tendon is intact. Surgery this morning was to give her that chance. She a 123 pound young dog. It’s a 50/50 right now, but she has the best medical team on it and if there is no choice but to amputate, then that is what we will do.”

Check out Grace’s rescue. It is truly unimaginable how anyone could be so cruel.

More updates on Grace to follow.

To help with Grace’s care, please follow this link

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9 replies
    • Daniel Clarkson says:

      My thought too when I first started reading the story. Definitely what the POS who did this to Grace deserves.

      I also hope that Grace survives, which seems likely, and without losing her leg. Life will be so much easier if she still has all 4 legs to get around, but if the leg has to be amputated, then she will be able to be trained to walk with the 3 remaining legs.

  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Well! First Off it is wonderful Grace will be given a Chance to LIVE OUT her life …. as for the AUTHORITIES in that HEATHENISH state of GEORGIA Why in the Hell are they NOT TRACKING the complete PSYCHOPATHIC, DEMON that PUT this POOR ANIMAL in PERIL for her VERY LIFE and HOLD them accountable????? WHY! WHY!!! No Moral Ethics, Family Member of one of the Officer’s , Political fall out!!! OR JUST PLAIN LAZY ASSES!!! SHAME ON GEORGIA and the whole GOVERNMENTAL Bureaucracy and DOWN RIGHT CORRUPTNESS that appears to be prevailing in that “Georgia PEACH ” State that is full of Worms!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    People do not want to do their jobs and work so it is easier not to pursue who did this than it is to investigate. Wonder if it was a child if they would react the same way. Grace is in capable hands and RDR of NYC will do the best they can for her. We all know how great they are.

  3. susispot says:

    The human/animal body has an amazing memory. This could heal. I had a goat that had been attacked by dogs and most of his rear leg was ripped away. With his tendon in tact the wound did repair itself with medical intervention.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another prime example of why some people should never be allowed to breathe again. To do this an act of intentionally leaving Grace to die and no way to get out. I am sure they will never be caught, its Georgia, a state full of redneck inbreds who don’t care and that includes law enforcement and animal control – if not for RDR Grace would have been killed by some God forsaken shelter that treats animals like disposable objects. I hope she fully recovers and finds the safe loving home she definitely was denied.

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