Gym teacher accused of strangling puppy to death

High school gym teacher charged for choking puppy to death

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A Maryland high school gym teacher is facing charges for allegedly choking a puppy to death. According to WMAR News, on June 16, the four-month-old puppy was strangled and beaten at a home in Colora.

The man accused of the heinous crime

The man accused of the heinous act of cruelty is identified as 36-year-old Todd Corron, a gym teacher at  Elkton High School. Corron is being investigated by the Cecil County Cecil County Public School District. Robert Buckley, the associated superintendent for the district, issued a statement about the incident:

“Cecil County Public Schools has been made aware of the situation.  We are currently investigating the incident and will take appropriate action at the conclusion of our investigation.  Cecil County Public Schools understands the serious nature of the charges and will support the judicial process. We are unable to discuss personnel matters. We are following our protocol and conducting an investigation into this situation. He is currently not working with students as it is Summer break.”

The incident has resulted in Corron being charged with Felony Aggravated Cruelty to An Animal.

Animal control statement

Abigail Lightning-Bingham, Chief of Animal Welfare Enforcement, stated:

“For any animal lover or for just any human being in general to think that an innocent creature that cannot speak up for itself suffered so egregiously and at the hands of someone he trusted. There’s nothing worse then that, harming something that can’t speak for itself or defend itself.”

Stock image of puppy via Pixabay

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18 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    So many cruel,soul less cretins in this country. When will it stop? When the police start doing the same to these scum as they have done to the innocent animals. Four month old puppy that this thing killed and he works with kids in a school? Must be fired if found guilty and put in jail with all the dog lovers. That would be this pups justice.

  2. Red says:

    If they find out this is true, and that the man who did it is a teacher……..he deserves to FIRED, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and his VULGAR, WRETCHED, name put on a National Registry for abuse so that he may NEVER EVER OWN, ADOPT, PURCHASE OR LIVE in the same home as a companion animal.
    HE is a monster…….make him realize what he did is sick!

    • Bev Woodburn says:

      Adrienne. I agree with your comment. I also say that all animal torturers and abusers must be put to death by the same unimaginable torture and suffering these psychopathic depraved animal torturers committed against their defenceless and innocent victims. Just like what this vile and evil monster Todd Corron, tortured and killed an innocent and defenceless little puppy. What did this innocent little puppy do to have his innocent little life cut so short heinously by this vile and evil psycho lowlife monsters Todd Corron. Kill the vile and evil lowlife pos. If you need a hand call me. I would gladly eradicate this evil bastard from our planet immediately. This evil lowlife pos must not be allowed to breath the air.
      How many other innocent and defenceless sentient beings has this psycho depraved animal torturing vile and evil monster Todd Corron tortured to death. Eradication from our planet is a must. This is the only way you can stop these psycho depraved animal torturing lowlifevile and evil monsters from torturing the innocent and voiceless.

  3. Nadya Anne Wall-Rossi says:

    Fire him. Blacklist him. Take away his ability to work with children and impose a lifetime ban on owning/having control & care of any animal. Put the free bracelets on him & send him to the free hotel. No plea deal, no early release, no parole. Shame him! Publish his photo & name. There should be a lifetime animal abuse registry, just as there is for violent child sex abusers.

  4. Dana says:

    Fire him, slame him in prison and throw away the key. What a cruel murderous sociopath to kill a innocent living, feeling, helpless puppy? Shameful, inexcusable when he is convicted, I sure hope they plaster his POS face all over National News, these sickos need to be held accountable!

  5. jeneen says:

    Just very sad, I pray it’s not who I think it is but if this person did it and is found guilty he should get the same punishment as a child abuser would it’s still a life animals are living creatures like us… And fired and banned from working with students of any age… Do the crime do the time point blank but still sad

  6. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Why no picture of this savage maggot? FYI the prick doesn’t qualify as a human being. Therefore, it cannot be a man.

  7. Maureen De says:

    Seriously. . Don’t you think he should get the same punishment an eye for an eye

    You know why cause there is no justice when it comes to animal abuse & cruelty they get a slap on the wrist ..the judges that haND down these sentence’s don’t belong on a judicial bench they belong on a park bench…

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    Cecil County School District and Elkton High School need to step up and fire Todd Corron NOW. His actions towards an innocent puppy are proof positive that he should never be allowed anywhere near a school environment again. In addition to being fired, he needs a heavy dose of the justice system and be charged with felony animal cruelty – let him sit in a jail cell and hopefully become a victim of every predatory inmate in every way possible. Personally, I hope he has a fatal encounter with an 18 wheeler and ends up splattered all over the highway – he deserves no less. No slap on the wrist for this hunk of maggot puke.


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