UPDATE: Dog ‘Champ’ at ex-girlfriend’s home intentionally left to starve

In Laurens, South Carolina, an angry ex-girlfriend is alleged to have intentionally starved “Champ” – the dog left in her possession. The rescue group Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, have stepped up to save the barely alive dog’s life.

“His heartbreaking story is that he is the victim of a breakup. The boyfriend apparently left him at the ex-girlfriend’s house and since he “was not her dog” she fed her dogs but not Champ.”

On Thursday morning’s update for Champ, co-founder of the rescue Jackie O’Sullivan gave concerned animal lovers some hope, although the dog’s condition remains critical.

“Champ’s condition definitely improved after yesterday’s blood transfusion. As you can see here, he was able to hold his head up for a short period of time. He was monitored all night & is still with us this morning so that’s a huge win! He remains on IV fluids & is being offered small amounts of food every few hours to avoid the very dangerous refeeding syndrome. He has not wanted to eat. His bloodwork is being rechecked now.”

The 16-month-old Mastiff was rescued early Tuesday evening by a Good Samaritan who contacted Animal Control for help. The dog was rushed to the shelter’s veterinarian for lifesaving treatment, and by the next afternoon had been transferred to a specialty veterinarian hospital where he continues to receive 24/7 emergency care and treatment. Champ only weighs 50 pounds – less than half the normal weight of 110 pounds for his breed and size and was covered with maggots (even in his mouth), extremely weak and with very pale gums signaling anemia. He was bathed and given food. His prognosis remained critical:

“Champ was transferred to our vet midday where he immediately started getting a blood transfusion. He was so pale with white gums that this was an obvious need. His bloodwork, as expected, is bad. His protein levels are too low as was his red blood cell count & of course he was very anemic & LOADED with hookworms. The hookworm burden was so HIGH the vet says his stomach is filled with tons of tiny bleeding ulcers. His blood has to be able to regenerate itself to combat this which it currently is not doing. His feces is black due to this bleeding. He will be monitored 24/7, is on IV fluids & meds & everything possible is being done to save his previous life.”

Elizabeth James has been charged with animal cruelty by Animal Control. The dog was near death on Tuesday when the Good Samaritan found him tied up and left alone to starve. Messages have been flooding into the rescue since Champ’s plight was shared by Pet Rescue Report. Champ’s original owner has been in contact with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and states the dog had been in James’ possession for six months.

Champ was originally named Ace; he is a Rottweiler and Mastiff mix. Here is a photo of Champ just six months ago.


He has a long road back to health, and the donations for his very expensive medical care are appreciated. Click here to help:


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