Dog left at ex-girlfriend’s home to starve: Champ ‘not my dog’

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In Laurens, South Carolina, a 16-month-old Mastiff named Champ is fighting for his life at an emergency veterinarian hospital. Early Wednesday morning, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were alerted to Champ’s desperate plight and immediately jumped in to try and save his life.

“It is extremely difficult, as rescuers, to see a photo like this and to accurately convey the dog’s story, through the very strong emotions of anger, hatred, despair, sadness and helplessness,” rescue co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan posted on the group’s Facebook page.

Had it not been for a Good Samaritan who spotted Champ last night and contacted Animal Control after the dog had been left tied to die and starve by himself, he may not have ever seen a new morning. Last evening, the dog, who only weighs 50 pounds – less than half the normal weight of 110 pounds, was rushed to a local veterinary hospital. Covered with maggots (even in his mouth), extremely weak and with very pale gums signaling anemia, he was bathed and given food. Testing and diagnostics are planned for today after he is transferred to a specialty veterinary hospital.

“His heartbreaking story is that he is the victim of a breakup. The boyfriend apparently left him at the ex-girlfriend’s house and since he “was not her dog” she fed her dogs but not Champ.”

Charges for animal neglect and cruelty have been filed.

It is not known if Champ can be saved, but everything that can be done, is being done for this young majestic dog.

Be the voice for victims like Champ.

Please help with Champ’s medical expenses. FUNDS NEEDED

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  1. I would never do that to any animal even if he belonged to my ex. The dog is a victim of this relationship he didn’t ask to be put in this situation. I can see why the boyfriend left her she must be a nasty bitch to do this to a poor dog. But he was stupid leaving the dog there if she is such a bitch. I think the poor dog would have been better in a shelter he would have had a better chance at a new life instead of almost starving to death. If he, the owner, couldn’t keep the dog he shouldn’t have left it with that nasty BITCH! Find it a new home or foster care if he must. People can be so stupid. I know I would NEVER leave my dogs with an ex. I would even put them in a kennel until a found a place for us to live.

    • You said I am thinking!!!

      This nasty, evil witch should be locked up forever (& starved….. see how she likes this treatment)…….

  2. Please post this bit**’s name. She deserves continuous harassment for the rest of her life. That poor baby, I wish I lived close by I would take him in a minute!

  3. Both of them should be charged criminally for leaving the dog to basically starve to death.He is a scum for dumping the dog with his ex girlfriends house, and she is equally a scum for feeding her dogs and not this poor dog that was probably tied up outside. Thanks to a Good Samaritan for calling authorities about this dog. Hopefully with all the care this dog is receiving, he will bounce back and be the “Champ” he is.

  4. That bitch!!! How could she stand by and watch him wither away pound by pound essentially dying in front of her. She even fed her dogs and not him? Unconscionable!!! I cannot even begin to express my hatred and disgust for her. I hope with all my heart that she’s charged with a felony and spends all the time the law will allow in prison where she belongs.
    Poor baby boy. My heart breaks for him. ????

  5. This woman’s name needs to be made public! She needs to be permanently banned from being near animals, children and old people and anyone that can not defend themselves against this sadistic monster!

  6. This NARCISSISISTIC MISERABLY EXCUSE OF A FEMALE : & OF COURSE from the CAROLINA STATES ( the two abuse capitol’s ) of this Country ….NEEDS to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE … WHAT AN EVIL , CONTENTIOUS, EXCUSE OF a HUMAN… NOT my dog!!! and to be able and just WALK away and allow this companion animal to starve… BOY I HOPE HER FAMILY IS “PROUD AS PUNCH” to claim this SCUM and VERMIN RIDDLED BITCH AS THIER SPAWN.. This Vermin needs to BE immediately STERIALIZED!!! PERIOD!!!

  7. Horrible evil bitch please feed this dog or take to shelter u do not deserve doggie & he needs a loving home not u evil creep bg

  8. What kind of person could feed some dogs and not the other just because it’s not her dog? To stand there watching this poor innocent dog suffering, wanting food, not understanding why it’s not being fed, getting skinny, weak, slowly dying. Horrible person!!! She needs her dogs taken away for their safety, their survival. They deserve good homes, families who love them, plenty of good food and clean water… that’s not guaranteed living with her. Prison is warranted for her actions against this innocent dog. She deserves to sit in a cell for a few years to think about what she’s done. There is NO excuse for her vile actions!!! I pray this dog recovers quickly and gains back it’s health. I pray a loving family adopts her/him, giving her/him what is so rightfully owed to it. I pray she spends horrible days/nights in her cell. Please update on this pups status, we are praying for it’s quick recovery.

  9. What a heartless piece of humanity! How can someone starve an innocent dog because “it’s her ex’s”? She needs to have her own dogs taken away, she is a monster! And why didn’t the ex check on the dog? Bless Rescue Dogs Rock NYC again, they have come to the aid of an extremely abused dog.

  10. OMG: WTF is wrong with people???

    You have a pet for life, not until it’s “inconvenient”……. WTF was wrong with the ex (he should have checked on Champ & removed him when he noticed the weight loss)…… He should have been charged with animal cruelty too…..

    Thank goodness this precious treasure is safe!!!!!

    I hope Champ recovers ASAP and finds a furever home where he will be a treasured family member……

    The POS who tortured and abused this precious furbaby has a reserved space in Hell where she will burn forever for her cruelty….. let’s all hope that she gets there ASAP (after dying unloved, alone, afraid and in pain)…….

  11. Subhuman to not feed a dog in her yard because it wasn’t hers. Too bad there is not tit for tat within the law. . May she rot in hell going hungry.

  12. That woman should pay for every penny Champ’s recovery is going to cost even if it means taking everything she owns and selling it. Her dogs should be taken from her and she should never be allowed to enjoy the companionship of another. ..major jail time and make her name public.

  13. My heart just broke with anger and rage seeing this poor innocent dog. How can any human being do this to an animal that has done nothing to her. I really hope this bitch has no peace in her heart, soul and mind for the rest of her pathetic life with nightmares. So why did the boy friend ever not check on his dog. Sending my love with prayers for a recovery, asking our dear dear to please help heal his body. I hope we get an update on his recovery.

    • Yes please updates on this special soul. The person ( term used loosely) responsible is lacking a conscience . Only a sociopath could be capable of that type of slow cruelty. I believe in karma.

  14. What an evil, vile waste! This dogs suffering provided her with pleasure and satisfaction. Watching an innocent life slipping away, painfully suffering in silence and didn’t give a shit. Evil personified. I hope her dogs are taken away from her, and she is never allowed to have pets again. I hope she has no children, if so, they probably aren’t safe either.

  15. What a pathetic bitch to watch an animal suffer and not ever try to find hie a home. Hope someone starves her one day. She could have helped Champ the level of ignorance in some humans is astounding

  16. How could you feed your dogs with that poor dog watching slowly wasting away because of you. You have no heart or soul to watch this poor dog slowly die and a agonizing way to die. You need to be punished severely for what you did to this poor dog. It’s not the dogs fault that your relationship did not work out but yet you took it out on a defenseless dog I hope this dogs eyes burn a hole in your head so that you see this poor dogs eyes everyday for the rest of your life I hope you rot in hell. I will pray Champ makes it and gets the best loving home

  17. Please Champ fight with everything you have got poor baby. You are in the best hands possible fight so you will know what love is and being part of a family and adored I pray Champ that you make it. Everyone should say a prayer that Champ makes it

  18. This is so heartbreaking, horrific, and cruel! I’m praying Champ has a speedy and complete recovery. Champ deserves justice for the agonizing starvation, cruel neglect and horrific mistreatment he suffered. God bless you, Champ, I’m praying for your healthy recovery, justice, and a happy and healthy life in a loving and caring forever home for you, Champ. Angels, please watch over and protect this precious, innocent baby called Champ. ????????????????????????????

  19. This psycho b*tch needs to be beaten and starved herself – see how she likes it! The poor dog did not deserve this barbaric treatment just because her stupid relationship fell apart – nobody needs to wonder why this relationship didn’t work out – her actions against this poor dog speaks volumes!!! Being such an animal abuser -her dogs need to be confiscated as well!


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