Dumped cardboard box of doomed dead puppies, one little one survived

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When a family living in a rural area towards the middle of Georgia went to dump their trash on Monday afternoon, they were shocked and sickened to find a cardboard box of what appeared to be a litter of dead puppies left in a cardboard box. Upon closer examination, they discovered one puppy had survived. The shelter immediately called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and asked if they would help. Baby puppy Madison was then rushed to the closest emergency veterinarian for urgent lifesaving treatment.

One side of Madison’s face is fractured; hence the swelling. According to the veterinary team, her teeth on that side of her head are now facing backwards and going in the wrong direction. It is likely she had been hit with a hard object and somehow survived. Tragically, her litter mates were not as fortunate. They were intentionally dumped like garbage at a local dump and left to suffer and die alone.

“We are so sick and upset over this because there is just NO excuse for this depraved act,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan wrote on the organization’s Facebook page introducing the tiny six-week-old miracle puppy. “Obviously, these poor babies were unwanted, why not take to a shelter? Why in the world would anyone hit them, dump them and leave them with yesterday’s garbage to die?!

“What a sad world we live in. While we cannot say exactly what happened to Madison’s brothers and sisters, we can be sure they faced what she did or worse. She was just lucky enough to be found in time by these Good Samaritans with a conscience.”

Madison remains on strong pain medication and antibiotics. On Tuesday, she will undergo radiographs to determine the extent and severity of her injuries. The puppy’s head, face and mouth were so painful when she first arrived, her veterinarian just wanted her to rest for the evening.

(Photos of puppies dumped in cardboard box courtesy of RDR NYC)

[email protected] or www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org or mail:
RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY NY 10028

Please let this baby survive and live on in honor or her brothers and sisters who were not so lucky.

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  1. The puppies were innocent, the person that did this is like a rabied animal and should be treated the way he or she treated the puppies. NO MERCY…PIG

  2. Ever wonder why I’m not an organ donor? It would be my luck something I left would go to save a maggot who does shit like this. These savages appear to have more rights than victims and everybody else.

  3. I hope whoever did this suffers the same fate as those poor puppies! They need their head bashed in and then left to suffer, and if they die oh well, one less piece of trash on this earth! Rest in peace poor babies!

  4. Evil lives among all of us and we need to keep and eye out for any cruel treatment of animals.Someone knew that the female dog had pups and no one said anything about it except dumping them after they probably hit them in the heads with a blunt object to make sure they would die. How hard would it have been to take all to a shelter in that box and say you found them on the side of the road? Happens all the time where people dump animals on the road. At least the pups would have been saved and adopted.Hope the person who did this has the most miserable,difficult life from this point on. May they be cursed their whole lives.

  5. What kind of monster kills puppies? Those poor little babies. I hope and pray whoever did this rots in Hell. Bless Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, again they have come to the aid of the defenseless. Prayers for Madison and I’m so sorry for what happened to her siblings.

  6. One can only hope that there’s a genuine effort to find the scumbag who did this, only, with luck, the filth will resist arrest and need to be put down— VIOLENTLY. That would be best for everyone on the planet.

    Those puppies were innocent and deserved a chance at life. They should have been taken to a shelter where they could have found a home with someone who would love them and care for them. There was no reason for this, unless the monster wanted to kill them. Obviously, he did because he enjoyed it. Hopefully he’s not long for this world.

    RIP little ones.

  7. How disgusting! They have to find whoever did this! How in the world do you beat innocent little puppies and leave them to die. What does this monster look like.?

  8. This isn’t too hard to figure out. We’re talking about dogfighters here. Send the poh-lees into the ‘hood and look for evidence of dogfighting. Since this is TN. the perps won’t get punished, so just shoot them!

  9. Such evil out there in this world of ours. We have to work hard to bring awareness to the abuse animals are suffering behind closed doors, in back alleys, places unseen…God’s tender mercies and healing for this pup, amen.

  10. The USA is fast losing it Status as a First Class and Caring Nation ( Land of the Free) Drugs, Gangs of Thugs, Our Representatives (elected no less) have stooped to the Level of the very Evil Gang Lords, Mafia Like Criminals, and Non-vested judicial agencies… We can only … sit and watch the STEADY Down cline of what was What was a Caring and Proud Nation!!!


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