Drunken man beat girlfriend’s miniature poodle

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A drunken man living in Pine Key has been accused of mercilessly beating his now ex-girlfriend’s five-year-old miniature poodle, who remains in critical condition remained in jail on Saturday evening. The tiny dog, named Ameretta, suffered severe trauma to her brain, neck and eye and lost several teeth. It is unknown if she will survive her injuries.

According to the Miami Herald, Armando Corzo, 38, was arrested late last week and charged with felony animal cruelty. Corzo told police he was not involved in the dog’s injuries. The dog’s owner, Teresa Alo intends to press charges telling police when she came home from work last Wednesday, she found her dog lying lifeless and bleeding on the floor. Her eye was bulging from its socket and  was bleeding from her mouth and eye. When she asked Corzo what happened, his response was shocking to her:

“F*** these dogs!”

Corzo had been angry with Alo’s two small poodles urinating in the house and started to take “more severe disciplinary actions.” At the time Ameretta was found critically injured, Corzo had been alone with the dogs for 30 to 45 minutes according to police. During the investigation, authorities determined the dog had been slammed against the wall.

Corzo remains in jail at the Stock Island Detention Center in lieu of $75,000 bond.

(Photos via GoFundMe and Monroe County SD)

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Someone amputated this dog’s leg with garden shears – read more here.

Someone amputated dog's leg

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  1. Another incident perpetrated by a spineless coward who took his anger out on an innocent animal – Armando Corzo is a 38 year old punk whose cruelty towards an innocent and tiny dog only proved he is unfit to be anywhere but behind bars. His actions prove it. Theresa Alo best step up and get this maggot shit prosecuted to the fullest extent of Florida’s lousy animal cruelty laws – Armeretta deserves justice for the horrific injuries this skank gave her – may there be some real justice in jail for this subhuman trash – a very large violent animal lover as his cellmate. This bastard deserves it.

    • Amen! I would literally kill over my furbabies. I couldn’t imagine coming home and finding the man whom I trusted as the culprit. Sorry, but his ass wouldn’t make it outta the house…

  2. This POS needs to stay in jail and I’m sure Teresa Alo can see, if he would do this to her precious little dogs then she will be next. How I LOVE these big strong men that can beat up on a small dog! I can’t imagine the horror Ms Alo felt when she came home to find her little one in that shape. Prayers little Ameretta makes it and may Armando Corzo rot in Hell!

  3. Keep him in jail forever, he has no remorse! Next he would have beat the girlfriend. Press every chanrge you can and hope the judge has some cojones!

  4. Teresa you need to get that looser out of your life, this should be a wake up call. This POS needs to have the same thing done to his coward ass. Then let’s see who’s the “big man”. This piece of trash is worthless. Prayers for little poodle.

  5. Justice please. What a scumbag to hurt an innocent tiny animal and defend his own actions as he didn’t like piddles on his girlfriends floor. Do hope the tiny dog recovers from her severe injuries.

  6. You can’t convince me that she didn’t know that he was abusive to her dogs in the past. I cry BULLSHIT to the girlfriend!

  7. Do the same to him the useless BASTARD he don’t deserve jail a public beating to him the drunkard test hope in jail he gets the shot beat out of him

  8. The criminal justice system needs to up the penalty for crimes to animals like this. Life in jail or even the death penalty needs to be on the table now for these horrific injuries these sadistic sub humans do to animals. No more sentences where these scum walk away with a slap on the wrist. They are criminals and murderers just as if they killed a human. Contact your Senators and Congressmen/women to get them to change the laws.

  9. Sad but true. Alot of times these women go back with these men. After so long of being abused these women are just as sick as the men. Poor pup. People who live with these sicko men should not have pets

    • No updates posted yet that I can see. Can’t believe the articles don’t list the link to the fundraiser. Found it though. Go to GoFundMe.com and search for “Animal Abuse Case (Armando Corzo)”. Everyone please spread the word about the fundraiser!!

  10. Someone needs to slam that useless piece of flesh against a stone wall many, many, many times until his ugly eyes are bulging and he is bleeding profusely. This kind of thing just makes me sick!!! Why do people have to abuse small, helpless animals???? MAY HE ROT IN HELL as soon as he gets there.

    • PetMom, I was wondering too. I searched online and found he is still incarcerated and lists animal cruelty and causing death… but no other update other than a local news station article saying Ameretta’s person calling authorities saying the vet advised she was not likely to survive injuries. This is so awful.

  11. I did some research and this POS was sentenced to 3 years on prison for this “heinous” crime.

    Thank goodness that precious little treasure Ameretta survived. This POS owes restitution for vet bills….


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