police encounter with vicious dog

Officer’s encounter with ‘vicious’ dog recounted by department

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A Texas police officer’s recent encounter with a “vicious” dog was recounted by the Texarkana Texas Police Department on April 29. According to the department the so-called “vicious” dog was found sitting on the front porch of a house when Officer Travis Frost responded to the call.

Officer Frost was initially unsure how the dog would respond to him, so he left his patrol car door open, in case he needed to escape if the dog charged – but escaping was not an issue for the officer. According to the department, the “vicious” dog was apparently ready to go home, so he ran to the open patrol car door and hopped right in.

The department explained how it all went down…

He whistled at the dog, who then came trotting over to him with his tail wagging. After Travis pet the dog for a minute, he went right up to the patrol unit, jumped in the front seat, and just made himself at home.

The department added a few words about the common misconception about pit bulls:

Pit Bulls have a bit of a bad reputation. Travis said that, while you should always be careful around any dog that you don’t know, you shouldn’t automatically assume that all pit bulls are bad dogs. They might be really loving like this guy was this morning. 👮🏻‍♂️🐕

On April 30, the department let its Facebook followers know that the dog had been reclaimed by his owners – they wrote:

UPDATE April 30 @ 1:00 p.m.: GREAT NEWS!!! We just learned that Gold, the dog we encountered yesterday, was picked up this morning by his owner at the Animal Care & Adoption Center, Texarkana, USA.

The dog had an implanted microchip, but the information was not up to date – it is critical to keep all contact information on microchips up to date so that animal shelter staff can immediately call owners if their pet is found. Collars with identification tags are another important tool for pet owners, as is the innovative facial recognition technology offered by Finding Rover (learn more here).

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5 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Finally an officer that doesn’t start shooting as the dog is approaching him. I have a suspicion that many of the “charging” dogs that are shot are probably just like this one, just coming up to say hi. Well done Officer Travis Frost, you are a credit to your uniform.

  2. Betty says:

    Thank you Officer Travis Frost For doing what you do
    Good sample for the rest of police officers and we understand you have to be careful around any dog
    The media did such a bad rap on the pitbulls
    It such a shame

  3. Marni Montanez says:

    Now this is the kind of cop we can trust. Not one who goes out with fear based ignorance with gun drawn assuming the person who called in a “Vicious” dog call, is rational. Whoever said it was a vicious dog needs to get over their irrational fear.

  4. pennysdachusunds says:

    This Kind and Gentle Officer Should be Placed in a “SPECIAL TRAINING PROGRAM ” with other law enforcement agencies in the entire state of promote a much more FRIENDLY APPROACH to assisting these ANIMAL”S in distress!!! Officer Travis Frost should be an inspiration and advocate for his community and surrounding area!!! I bet this little pup’s family was More than Happy that Officer Frost was the one who responded to the rescue!!!


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