Abandoned ‘pink dalmatian’ and his buddy left in shelter’s night drop

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In Wildomar, California, a “pink dalmatian” and his bonded buddy were left in the shelter’s “night drop” when staffers arrived at work last week. Both dogs were suffering from demodectic mange –  a very uncomfortable condition for dogs which causes intense itching and loss of hair. The disease is caused by tiny, cigar-shaped, eight-legged mites resulting in the bright pink appearance of the dog’s skin.Pink dog abandoned 2

According to the Animal Friends of the Valleys, the two dogs, who turned out to be Boxers, soon dubbed Asia and Artie had been abandoned in the anonymous drop-off kennel with no information.
“I felt so badly for Artie ( 2-years old) and Asia (10-months-old) when I first saw them,” Jennifer Glover, a registered veterinary technician for the shelter, told People. “But I was encouraged by the fact that we would be able to start helping them. They were very sweet when they arrived, but they were depressed.”
And within one day however, as the staff showered the dogs with care and affection, both became much happier and friendlier. Both dogs do have some concerning medical issues besides the demodectic mange. Asia has a Grade 2-3 heart murmur and will need further evaluation with an echocardiogram. Artie has eye issues which may require surgery to repair. The dogs have been transferred to the Last Chance at Life in Oceanside. Founder and president of LCAL, Lisa Hamilton states there already is adoption interest. A family who had previously adopted from the rescue recently lost one of their Boxers to cancer and is coming to meet both of them on Saturday – with the intention of choosing one to take home.Pink dog abandoned 3
“I assure you they were both unsettled with being dumped but they know very quickly that the staff at Animal Friends of the Valleys and the volunteers at LCAL are their ‘friends’ and there to help,” stated Lisa. “They are with us until we find their perfect home.”
If interested in meeting these two adorable pups or other deserving pets just waiting for homes, contact Last Chance at Life Rescue.
(Photos courtesy of Last Chance at Life)
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16 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Hopefully Asia and Artie will be adopted together and the skank who dumped them ends up being spray painted purple and dumped in the gutter.

  2. cinatastak58@aol.com says:

    At least they were dropped at the shelter as opposed to a worse fate! The fact that the dogs are bonded it would be more ideal to find a home that will take both! They have obviously already been thru enough and there is still more to come because of the other health issues! Dogs that have bonded and then separated have actually become so stressed and depressed that they stopped eating and drinking and had to be brought back with medications! They are adorable and I would take the 2 of them in a heart best but I already have 3 of my own!

  3. Laura Belk says:

    There’s a family coming to meet them, and choose ONE? They are a bonded pair….why can’t they be adopted out together? Nevertheless, very glad they are getting the love and medical help they need….

  4. Sherry says:

    I really hope these two can stay together since they are a bonded pair and could cause further depression to separate; especially for the one that would be left behind. Prayers for that and for the recovery of their demodex and other medical issues. Heartbreaking an owner couldn’t even see them off to a human being and just dumped them in a “night drop”. Glad the shelter workers are showering them with some much needed affection! Good luck sweet babies!

  5. Linda says:

    if they are ‘bonded buddies’, shouldn’t the best effort be made to find them a forever home where they can continue to stay with each other? seems splitting them up would cause further depression to be separated from each other. it’s sad enough that they were ‘dumped’ by some uncaring ppl/person, then the trauma of separation on top of that, doesn’t seem humane at all 🙁

  6. susispot says:

    Could this be a mom and son? Nice if they could stay together. Yet, each is young enough to adapt to a new life with loving homes. Good luck babies.


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