Police search for person accused of setting live deer on fire

Someone set an injured deer on fire
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Authorities in Indiana are searching for the person who committed an unspeakable act of cruelty to an injured deer. According to Friday’s WTHR News, someone struck a deer near State Road 25 and County Road 400 North near Rochester on February 16.

The person who hit the deer did not offer any form of compassion to the wounded animal – instead, they doused the deer in accelerant and set him on fire. The deer, wounded and burning, did not die immediately – sadly, a passerby later came upon the horrifying situation and contacted the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department because the wounded animal was still alive…smoldering and suffering.

Ultimately, the deer was put down – relieved from excruciating pain. Now, the search is on for the driver who committed the cruel act. According to the authorities, based on parts of the car which were found at the scene, the person is believed to have been driving a dark colored vehicle, possibly a Trans-Am, Firebird or Camaro (model years 1992-2002).

Anyone with information about this act of heinous cruelty is asked to call the Fulton County Crime Stoppers at 1-574-223-7867 or the Indiana Conservation Officers’ “Turn in a Poacher” line at 1-800-TIP-IDNR.

(Indiana DNR photo via WTHR)

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  1. What the hell needs to happen here is that the piece of shit who did this has to have the same thing happen to them! Make the punishment fit the crime! No excuses no let’s make a deal!

    • Until pieces of shit like the person who did this start getting taken out, by whatever means are available, and that put on youtube, it will continue. Fines don’t work and jail just spreads the contempt.

  2. What on earth is going on in this person’s head? They are a MONSTER and need to be found and imprisoned. Disgusting, just sick, sick, sick.

  3. Is the humanity in this world dead? Is society becoming so callus that doing this to a wounded deer means nothing? Why does someone do this, you hit the deer it’s hurt call someone to help it, you don’t set it on fire! How I hate humans! They get more disgusting by the day, and seeming are finding more horrendous ways to torture innocent animals!

  4. Find him or her, and YES, set that POS on fire because that is the only punishment this evil scumbag deserves. Anything less is simply not enough for an act so truly evil.

  5. If the car was one of the types listed, likely there would be some serious damage to their vehicle, too. And, there could be deer skin/fur on the front of the vehicle. That this happened in my home state makes me especially angry. I’m glad the poor deer is no longer suffering, and just hope the suffering of the person who did this has just begun.

  6. Ce ou ces barbares devraient subirent les mêmes souffrances que ce pauvre bébé innocent. Pas de pitié pour ces dégénèrés, ces choses sans âme, ces parasites. Se sont des ASSASSINS. Y’en a marre que ces monstres n’aient qu’une tape sur la main.

  7. Whoever committed this horrendous act of cruelty should be given the exact same act of cruelty they gave to this deer. This is so vile and deplorable, this piss poor excuse for a human does not deserve to breathe.

  8. The driver probably did what he thought was best for the deer! After hitting the deer he seen he was too injured…so he wanted to put the aninal out of his misery. Yes he should of called police they are the ones that make that call and can shoot the deer! Very sad, painful, cruel way to go! ???? tears

  9. I’m not surprised. People are taught since they are kids that animals are put on this earth for our use. So of course they are going to treat them as disposable rather than another form of living being deserving respect.

  10. what a horrible thing to do to an innocent deer they must be caught and given a harsher sentance no more slap on the wrist needs prison to make them understand that this is not acceptable

  11. If they want to do it to an animal, they certain will do it to a human, including children, and Im sick of paying money to keep them in better conditions in jail than our homeless veterans have that were willing to give their lives for pieces of shit like this, and the insanity of putting up with sick people like this needs to STOP………what the hell happened to the human race???? God help us all….

  12. This monster needs to be caught and prosecuted to the maximum and incarcerated for a very long time and put in the general population so that the inmates can take care of that bastard!

  13. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF SUCH A SICK ACT! Rest in peace and I hope they find who did such a horrible act on another living being.


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