Update: Dog stabbed multiple times protecting his family from assailant

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One dog was struck with a tire iron died and another dog stabbed 32 times on Monday as both loyal pets sprung into action to save their families during an attack from a man brandishing a knife in Brooksville, Florida on Monday.  The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area of Duffield Road and Cedar Lane, after having received 911 calls from neighbors about a man acting delusional.Hernando county Sheriff's Office

The basset hound, Levi is recovering at a Hernando County vet’s office. His doctor said the dog is very lucky to have survived.

“I think as far as the severity of the attack, it’s probably the worst I’ve seen,” stated Dr. Ned Szempruch to Fox News. “There were so many of them, they lacerated blood vessels and muscles.”

Levi’s owner, Terry Greene has been reliving the terrible scene when 26-year-old Taylor Kendall Hodge, armed with a knife and a tire iron broke in through her back door. Greene’s granddaughter was at home when the frightening event occurred. Emergency 9-1-1 calls had already been coming into the police, and a neighbor’s dog had just been bludgeoned and killed by Hodge using a tire iron. Levi jumped in to save his family and was repeatedly stabbed. Authorities tried to taser Hodge, who was described as literally bouncing off the walls, but when that didn’t work, he was eventually shot and killed.

Still very shaken by what happened, Greene is very angry that Levi was so seriously injured, but thanks everyone who has been helping with her dog’s expensive medical care. Levi has lost part of his ear and could lose the rest, but the support of so many kind people has helped to bolster a dog owner’s heart. His latest update on his fundraiser seems a bit more optimistic:

“Thank your for all the support. Levi as of this morning is doing somewhat better. He was stabbed 32 times has drainage tubes and not eating. We will bring him home once he is able to eat. And we will keep you updated.”

Prior story here.

(Photos screenshot of dog stabbed via Fox News and Hernando County Sheriff’s Office)

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10 replies
  1. elaine Vallos says:

    I can no longer read about the abuse to animals that you send me. It is very distressing to read this info on a daily basis Please discontinue further alerts.

  2. susispot says:

    Speedy recovery Levi. RIP to your fur-brother that lost his life trying to warn off the intruder. Such brave and loyal dogs. I shed a tear at your suffering.

  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    It saddens me that one of the dog has died of its injuries! Levi has a long rode ahead too! Infection will be one of the things to worry about as will his ability to eat! He is IV fluids but it’s not the same for dogs! I’m hoping that Levi will pull out of this none the worse for wear!


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