UPDATE: Just 2-years-old, stray Patrick found in deplorable condition

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UPDATE: Patrick has been rescued by Leave No Paws Behind. Check out more of his photos and follow his progress:

“There is a light at the end of this boy’s tunnel and tomorrow I will hold him in my arms and promise him NO ONE WILL EVER, EVER HURT HIM AGAIN! I will assure him he is safe from all harm, loved and that his life matters! Sadly both eyes will have to be enucleated, and we will also neuter him at the same time! DVM Missy Achenbach is just in love with this sweet boy and tells me that once we get him all fixed up, he is going to make someone an amazing and loving companion! He has a bit of a road to recovery and emotional healing HOWEVER he is not alone; we will be right along side of him every step of the way!,” stated Toby, founder of the rescue on her Facebook update.poodle-rescue-toby

It is suspected Patrick is a victim of puppy mill breeding – such a short life having had to live such misery. Please help Leave No Paws Behind help this little one regain his health and his zest for life by donating to his care.

In Baldwin Park, California, nearly totally blind, two-year-old stray Patrick, a champagne and white miniature poodle, roamed the streets by himself bumping into corners and paralyzed in fear. Who can even imagine how scared this nine-pound dog could have been; fortunately he was picked up by Animal Control and brought to the Baldwin Park Shelter.

Click here for Patrick’s Pet Harbor listing. #ID A4998408. “My name is Patrick and I am described as a male, tan Poodle – Miniature. The shelter thinks I am about 2 years old. I have been at the shelter since Oct 01, 2016.” For more information about Patrick, call Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577. A Facebook page following this little pup’s plight can be found by clicking here.

Medical  information on this dog’s condition indicates the following:

“Patrick came into the shelter filthy and very matted, and his intake exam found the following: ‘microphthalmos on the right eye, [left eye] exophthalmia with black nodule on cornea.’ Additionally a section of Patrick’s neck and upper chest is raw and partly scabbed over. At this point, he appears to be blind – but that could mean that his larger, left eye has experienced trauma and once treated properly, will be sighted again.”

Despite the trauma, the fear and the strange environment, volunteers and staff are amazed at Patrick’s patience and desire to be loved. He adores human attention, being petted, and snuggling and perks up when he hears the voice of a volunteer outside his little cage in the medical building; that’s when he knows it’s time to go into the yard for a potty break and some cuddling. Please share Patrick’s plight with approved rescue organizations, family, friends and social media contacts, and help this  deserving little pup find the loving family he so deserves. 

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

Check out Patrick’s YouTube; sharing saves lives.

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  1. If only the person/persons that allowed this poor little man to be in such horrible condition could step out in front of a Freightliner Semi going 65 miles an hour!!!!!

    • Because—they have no knowledge of who reads the posts, who sends them on—I live in NC—send / post every single one—my neighbor fosters—her dogs have gone to CO, NJ, PA—and FL— NY and CT—adopt dogs to NJ and PA that I know of—dogs that are sheltered, vetted, fostered, hav e all shots, neuter and spaying—no crossing state lines is no prob lem—- not all states forbid interstate adoptions, obviously.


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