Man repeatedly stabbing dog in fenced yard caught on video

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A Houston family watched their home surveillance video in horror which showed a man walking by their fenced in yard repeatedly stabbing one of their dogs. According to Abc13News, Veronica Castro and her family found blood in their Hardy Street yard early Saturday morning after their Rottweiler, Chaz, started coughing.

“He had at least four cuts on the lips and two on his chin,” explained Veronica. “It’s completely terrifying. If he does this to an animal who’s only trying to protect his home, what can he do to someone else?”

As Veronica checked their home surveillance video, she saw a man walking by her home, stop at the fence when the dogs began to bark and then proceeded to stab one of the two dogs.

“He cut his lip completely open at one part, and he cut him in the bottom of the neck. Just walking the streets …. The man just stands there at the gate jabbing him (the dog) with his knife.”

On Tuesday, Chaz will be undergoing surgery at the Northline Pet Clinic to repair the damage to his lip and trachea. The family has filed a police report and want the man captured and charged with animal cruelty. The video has been turned over to authorities. The culprit is described as a Hispanic male about 5′ 9″ to 6’2″ tall, medium build. He is shown wearing a white shirt with appears to say “Hardy” on it.

Chaz is expected to recover but could be left with a chronic cough. In addition, he is now very afraid and doesn’t want anyone near him. Get well soon Chaz.

(Photo via video)


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  1. I have no idea what this moron was thinking, stabbing a dog through a fence like this, but why were the dogs outside in a fence at 1:30am to begin with? Thank goodness the wounds weren’t too serious or he could have bled to death before any one noticed. I hope they catch the culprit and he is punished!

  2. love to find this POS….I have an iron pan that would fit nicely across his head!!!….Pick the SOB up and throw his ass in jail…better yet…PUBLIC….look at this guy good….go KICK ASS, GOOD!!!….this is our only way we will get justice…the laws are not helping these poor animals, so we must

  3. His own knife NEEDS to be used to alter this Hispanic Knife Happy Puke so he doesn’t spawn future generations of his Nature/ Maturity/ Lack of Intelligence!!!!!!

  4. Here’s an idea-get off your azz and teach your dog not to go apeshit every time someone is within sight and probably won’t happen twice. Teach your dog how to act. That is the JOB you signed up for when you got one. If you can’t or won’t then don’t have a dog and expect the entire world to tolerate its horrible behavior.


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