Owner surrendered dog

Dog on death row – surrendered because he jumped on someone

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A handsome young dog is at risk of losing his life because his owner surrendered him to a busy animal control facility on October 6. The dog, named “Mr. Brown,” was given up by his family – the reason provided to staff at the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services in Texas was that he had jumped on the owner’s mother-in-law.

On Sunday afternoon, the volunteer-run Facebook page for the animal control agency posted a video of Mr. Brown, along with the latest on his situation:

10/10 NO HOLDS!! Shelter staff worked to give this dog another few days! Yea! Please thank them!! Review date is now 10/12 at 5:30 p.m. for adoptions 5:50 p.m. for rescue groups to tag.

Mr. Brown did not ask to lose his home, or his family, and he certainly did not ask to lose his life. Please share his adoption information to help improve his odds of being saved.

MR.BROWN – ID#a469840/ phone at facility is (281) 999-3191

Harris County Animal Shelter
612 Canino Rd
Houston Texas


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    • Diana Sharp says:

      I hope someone will get him. Right now I am unable to share. I am too active on FB and they are trying to punish me. Jesus

    • EB says:

      The owner should be euthanized. Texas is turning into an absolute Shit hole. I’m heading back East soon. Getting far away from this cess pool.

  1. James fried says:

    Don’t kill Mr brown that dog is Too Young To Die just because the dog jumped on somebody that’s a crock of s*** keep dead dog for about a week I’ll find somebody in Texas to get it the next New York City Cop I got friends out there let me see what I can do so please do not put that dog down God is looking over you guys did not kill that dog at all it did not bite nobody so why should be put down hold on to him someone will take him within a week please contact me at 516 472-1973 my name is James fried

  2. ESTHER says:


  3. Robert Holloway says:

    What a stupid excuse,,, all dogs can jump until trained to wait especially when they see a new person and excited, This is not an excuse to have a dog killed… Please extend his life and get an adoption

  4. Crystal says:

    You need to give him a chance he didn’t bit anyone this is crazy. You you put him down without a fighting chance you are a murderer with our a heart.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    Sorry but if the dog jumped on my Mother-in-law and it was her or the dog, say goodbye to the Mother-in-law! They can’t train the dog not to jump? Sorry excuses for humans! Prayers Mr Brown finds his way out in time!

    • Bonnie Dugan says:

      You comment is ridiculous! A young dog that jumped to greet. You don’t kill an animal for that reason. Stupid people who didn’t want the animal to begin with. Good looking dog….adopt him now! If don’t want a dog jumping on you, then you train him; it is simple as that!

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        My response was ridiculous? Why, you don’t know my Mother-in-law! I said basically the same as you did, the dog could be trained and they are sorry excuses for humans. I would never get rid of a dog for doing such a thing and I still pray he finds his way out. I can’t take him , I have 4 dogs of my own and the vet bills are killing me! And YES they are trained not to jump on people!

  6. Priscilla Engelhard Wille says:

    Oh,no! I’m posting this on Facebook where I have many friends involved with dog rescues, etc. Please give this sweet dog a chance . Jumping on someone is not a crime. For God’s same it’s not even an excuse to thrn in a dog.

  7. Chip Bailey says:

    Looks like a really sad dog and hard to believe no one grabbed him because he is Chill and not hyper and that is a blessing. To the folks that surrendered him Thanks for raising up a good dog with manners and too bad the mother of the family calls the shots!

  8. Pam Goslee says:

    Are you seriously killing this dog for that reason?!? At least our animal shelterr in Murfreesboro Tn tries to make calls to rescues to let them know about innocent dogs like this that are sweet and healthy to give them a chance at life before just taking their life like that! I know that theres a lot of dogs that come in there, but sometimes you gotta just do the right thing and help them out and have a chance at life, especially when they are as sweet as this baby is! Please….reach out to some rescues around there and let him be known…please dont kill him!

  9. Susan Brummett says:

    Please read this article about Mr. Brown and the sad situation he finds himself in. He didn’t bite anyone. He just jumped, probably in excitement, on the wrong person. Now he faces being destroyed because of it. Please help me save him. He has an adoption hold now, but in case this falls through, he needs either an adopted home or a foster home, pledges for his care and a rescue group to help him find his REAL family and his furever home.


  10. Sarah says:

    How how do we find out about this sweet pup? I am in South Carolina, but we will take him home if he is in risk of being out down, as long as he is good with other dogs and cats!

  11. Dave says:

    What a bunch of assholes we have in this world. It’s obvious the dog was excited and some heartless cunt wants to have him put to sleep. That would be the end of my dealings with that person for good. How about next time the bitches kid does something the cops come and lock it up and not let he/she out until the court date set 60 days from the day they get picked up and see how this person likes it. My animals are my kids and they mean the world to me and I will kill a human being over my animals

  12. Carissa coble says:

    This dog dosent deserve to be treated like this just because he jumped on someone dosent give the family the right to just give up on him hes a dog dogs jump on people its what they do but for this dog to be on the line of losing his life because of it is not a good reason and the family is messed up and shouldn’t of gotten the dog in the first place if they are that dumb and the shelter where this dogs at is also messed up for even agreeing to put the dog down you if you guys are a real shelter then love the dog instead of being stupid and putting the dog on death row you you guys obviously dont know how to take care of dogs


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