New York lawyer accused of beating small dog to death

Lawyer accused of beating small dog to death
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A Manhattan, New York, lawyer is accused of being a small dog to death, reported Tuesday’s publication of the New York Daily News. The man accused of the heinous act of cruelty is identified as 45-year-old Anthony Pastor, and the dog, a Maltese mix named “Snoopy,” belonged to his girlfriend.

The alleged incident, which left the small dog dead from severe injuries, including a damaged liver, lacerated kidney and broken ribs, allegedly took place at Pastor’s apartment in early August. In a statement which Pastor made about the incident a week later, he described his version of what transpired before the dog died – he stated, “We stayed up until around 3 to 3:30 a.m. We had sex and went to sleep. Snoopy was more outgoing when we met and her kids were saying she didn’t play with them any more.”

The dog, who apparently “seemed fine” after a walk in the park with the pair, was found dead in the apartment the next morning.

Pastor was arrested in early October and he is facing felony and misdemeanor charges for animal cruelty – he is currently free on bail and is due in court to face his charges in November.

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  1. Another POS “Lawyer” who thinks he is above the law! His story makes no sense at all! He should lose his license over this!

  2. what is wrong with these people. it gos on all the time. what people do to Animals is so unbelievable. one can not unstand the pleasure they get out of it. they are more than sick in the head. so much for the human’s being the better race .

  3. so…he beat the dog to death because he wasn’t playing with his girlfriend’s kids anymore..say what?????? this is weird, disgusting and sad…poor little one…I am sorry Snoopy, that your mom ran into a monster…

  4. What a pathetic scumbag! And, of course, there will be no justice for poor Snoopy. Either the girlfriend will change her story or this coward will weasel his way out of any consequences.

  5. In a chillingly similar incident, in 2013, Pastor’s ex-fiance awoke in his apartment to find her “white fluffy dog” Molly dead, said Assistant District Attorney Tanisha Palvia. Days earlier, Pastor’s landlord allegedly saw him beating Molly outside the building, the prosecutor said. nypost 5/1/17


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