Damage was done: Matteo couldn’t defeat the odds to survive

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Exactly one week ago, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help one of the saddest cases they had ever seen. Matteo had been alone and suffering for an extended period of time. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the non-profit rescue, who often takes in the most critical cases of neglect, abuse and suffering introduced the heartbreaking case:

“Clearly Matteo has been alone and suffering for a very long time and is in critical condition. His skin is cracked so badly, it’s peeling off; safe to say, that he was at the end of the road and on his last days without our intervention. …after rescuing him yesterday from the streets of Dallas Texas in an area where many dogs are trying to survive on their own, fighting for their lives, with no food, water or shelter.  Thanks to Leslie, a fearless rescuer, who was able to capture him and his mate, Pablo who was in slightly better condition.”matteo-2

And on Thursday afternoon, Leslie cried. Matteo passed away peacefully in his sleep, but everyone who met him or read about his story had hoped he would survive. Tragically, it was an uphill battle; the damage had been done. He had suffered for years and no one cared, but for one week (and dogs live for the day), Matteo was pampered, loved and adored.

“I wanted to see his after pictures. Know what color hair would grow. I wanted to see him fight off everything he had, every ounce of neglect and abuse and overcome. I always thought his spirit was stronger than his body, but I was wrong. He was too far out and died overnight.matteo-3

He loved car rides, loved staring out of every window no matter what. He was already potty trained. He made a great dog, we just didn’t make humane people.”

Read previous story here. To help other dogs in desperate need in memory of Matteo, please click here, or directly to PayPal:

Photos courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuayla. Rest in peace sweet dog.

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Posted by Leslie Ysuhuaylas on Thursday, December 8, 2016

22 replies
  1. Darla says:

    I’m sobbing for what Matteo didn’t have for most of his life. I’m grateful for the week of love that he finally had. Maybe that’s all he was waiting for, before he decided it was time to go to the Bridge.

    • Reagan says:

      I am so so sad and sickend by the abuse animals suffer at the hands of disgusting, vile, viscious so called human beings. I can’t stomach people anymore!!

  2. Matthew Nicholas says:

    Count me in for the tears here too. Beautiful Matteo should have had a life of love and happiness not neglect. Humans failed so hard again and I wonder just how many passed him by without a thought or care. You’re back with God now, Angel. XXX bless heart heart

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Another sad end for a good dog! Bless Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, they always step up and I don’t know how they do it, when they lose them like this. Rest in peace Mateo, you were loved, if only for a week.

  4. Yvonne Johnson says:

    I live in Houston, Texas. The weather has been hard for 2leggeds, much less Precious 4leggeds on the streets. Thank you, “RESCUE DOGS ROCK NYC” . I know “Matteo ” did not suffer in your care. I know you showed him LOVE. look how he patiently was taken down the steps to grass to “tinkle” . I am so sorry, I am tearing, but. “Matteo ” is. @ Rainbow Bridge, if not in God’s hands. THANK YAL

    • Phyllis Carlino says:

      Matteo this should never have happened to you. Wish I could sit and hold you for as long as it would take to have you heal and know how much you were loved by so many angels in this short time. Now you are free from the tortuous life you led at the hands of someone who is nothing else but evil. Thank you for all you have taught us and thank you to all those who tried very hard to get you well. Lots of love and belly rubs Matteo.????????????♥️

  5. Phyllis Carlino says:

    Matteo, I am so sorry this terrible experience of life has happened to you. I know if you had gotten well you would have just enjoyed, running, riding in the car,meeting other dogs and perhaps helping them to heal. You were such a good dog. You loved car rides and got the chance to go out for walk and you were given so muc love. You didn’t die alone as you had been forced to live all your life by a terrible person who couldn’t have had a heart. Sending you many hugs, kisses and wonderful belly rubs. I will miss you big guy as will so many others. God bless you and give you all the things we couldn’t

  6. Marsha Squibb says:

    I’m soooo sorry humans failed you Matteo,thank God you had a week of love and care….not nearly long enough..RIP darlin????????

  7. Carrie says:

    I’m so sorry that such a smart survivalist doggy couldn’t make it just a little longer ???? Again humans let this guy down, I always wonder where do these dogs come from? Was he or she born into a loving family? An irresponsible owner who just didn’t care? Where can someone be so cruel?!! Mateo is in a better place, I pray that he died in peace and knowing what love felt like.

  8. Kimberly Gaddy says:

    Thank you RDR For helping our guy. It was about the WORST CONDITION THAT I HAE EVER SEEN !!!! EVEN FOR DOWDY FERRY RD.
    Leslie answered my call and RDR went to work. Without folks like yawl, I could not do what I do. God Bless You


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