Charleston man charged with torturing cats

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In Charleston, West Virginia, officers from the Kanawha Charleston-Humane Association charged a man on Tuesday with animal cruelty after an investigation concerning several cats that had been tortured, mutilated and/or killed. According to WvahNews, Wayne Mallory Jr. faces three counts of felony animal cruelty for torturing cats.

On Monday a search warrant was issued for Mallory’s home after neighbors stated they had witnessed animal cruelty.

In a press release, the KCHA, stated there were four cats seized – three were still alive and one cat was dead. The cats had been stabbed, stepped upon and/ or skinned. The dead cat had been dismembered.  A necropsy has been ordered to ascertain the cause of death.  Staff veterinarian Jamie Totten stated the injuries to the animals were all inflicted by humans. Chelsea Staley, the executive director of the organization, posted the following statement:

“This is the most disturbing case of animal abuse our investigators have ever seen. This appears to be the most malicious case that we’ve ever had to deal with, and we really hope to bring justice for these animals. To think someone in our community is capable of such violence toward animals is unsettling. Our team is committed to ending animal cruelty, and we’re hopeful this investigations spared the lives of countless future animal victims…”

The surviving cats are now under the care of the Kanawha Charleston-Humane Association and are being treated. They are expected to make a full recovery. If found guilty of the charges, Mallory faces a maximum $6,000 fine and up to 18 months in prison.

Rest in peace innocent cat. (Photo for torturing cats via screenshot by Fox News and KCHA)

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8 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    So how many other victims are there that they don’t know about? This filthy POS needs to be ended, and as painfully as possible.

  2. Brenda Minarik says:

    Monsters with no souls black hearts these beings are future serial killers if not already protect the helpless be aware

  3. Catherine Staffy says:

    He has been identified as Wayne Mallory Jr. He should be given the harshest punishment and a life jail sentence for this sadistic barbarity against animals.

  4. Shell says:

    Skin and dismember him … sickening no one will put into action a show of just how much this is NOT going to be tolerated by anyone any damn more !! The only way this will begin to slow down these useless murderers is to show them they will be treated as they treated the defenseless animals they killed. Stop treating them as if they are less than what they are !! Murder is murder dont matter who or what … thou shall not kill does not set who or what I’d ok and who or what is not !! If these sick sob’s actually had something to fear or think about that would be their fate WHEN, not if, caught they might think again. Hell, it’s a start ..they’ve gotten away with this crap for far to long with nothing being done but a bunch of idle threats , “oh,poor anmal” etc. and a slap on the wrist.. big deterrent huh? Need to send strong, no b.s. messages out n hold true to it …. jerks dont get it any other way … not intelligent enough …..


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