Alone and suffering, rescuers swoop in for Matteo’s last chance

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In a remote area of Dallas, Texas, where dogs are regularly abandoned by their heartless owners with barely a moment of regret, most do not survive. They become ill, they starve, they fight or are killed by vehicles as they scrounge around trying to find bits of food. It was there where rescuers swooped in for  Matteo’s last chance – alone and suffering he was at the end of the line.

On Thursday night, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help one of the saddest cases they had ever seen. He had been alone and suffering for an extended period of time. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the non-profit rescue who commonly take in the most critical cases of neglect, abuse and suffering, described the dog’s heartbreaking situation:

“Clearly Matteo has been alone and suffering for a very long time and is in critical condition. His skin is cracked so badly, it’s peeling off; safe to say, that he was at the end of the road and on his last days without our intervention. …after rescuing him yesterday from the streets of Dallas Texas in an area where many dogs are trying to survive on their own, fighting for their lives, with no food, water or shelter.  Thanks to Leslie, a fearless rescuer, who was able to capture Matteo and his mate, Pablo who was in slightly better condition.”

Early Friday morning, Matteo was admitted to the rescue’s partner veterinary emergency room hospital where the dehydrated dog was immediately hooked up to intravenous feedings. Matteo is not able to walk, and his head is shaking. Further tests will be performed to further discover what he will need.

Every life counts, and donations help dogs just like Matteo recover both physically and emotionally. Matteo’s last chance will hopefully become a brand new life. To help, please click here, or directly to PayPal:

(Photo of Matteo’s last chance courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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  1. Suzette Ging says:

    Matteo, I am so sorry for all that you have been through. You don’t deserve to be in this position that you are in. I hope you recover and find a happy, loving forever home. ❤


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