Dumped shepherd and puppy tried to come home: Owner locked the door instead

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A purebred German shepherd and her bonded four-month-old puppy pal were no longer wanted. One day their owner opened up the door in their Dallas, Texas home and shooed them both away. Artessa and Allie really didn’t want to leave, and so they came home. And then their owner locked the door; the dumped shepherd and his little pal were yesterday’s trash.artessa-and-allie

The two roamed the lonely streets alone, but Artessa was always there to keep puppy Allie safe, and for weeks the two struggled to find food and stay warm. When a Good Samaritan came along, she was able to find the two a home. All was thought to be going along quite well for Artessa and Allie, but again they were failed when their newest owner booted the previously dumped shepherd and her pal out the door. Once again the two had to fend for themselves.

Fortunately, the Good Samaritan who rescued the two originally, had been alerted to their heartbreaking situation and contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help. If ever two dogs needed a change of direction  aimed towards some good fortune, it was to be now.

“We were called and asked if we could rescue them and ensure that we change their lives finally for the better … giving them the stability and security they need. They are already on transport to NY as we post this and arrive tomorrow. Right now we believe they are bonded,” stated Stacey Silverstein, co founder of the rescue organization.

Artessa is a one- year-old purebred German Shepherd. She is dog, cat and child friendly. Allie is a four-month-old hound dog mix. Both are healthy and available for adoption as soon as possible. Anyone interested is asked to apply here.

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(Photos courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

20 replies
  1. Lynda says:

    How do you decide you don’t want your pawfriends and lock them out. Not to happen once, but twice. I hope they find a home together before Christmas

  2. Loretta Slusar says:

    What a bunch of idiots,morons,ass hole and bastards.Low LIFES pieces of shit for ex owners !!!!!!!!’ ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Lizz says:

    I wish I had known about them. My husband and I would have taken them . We are just in Arkansas . I hope they find a good home. Shame on the people who threw them away.

  4. edward says:

    Those two are simply gorgeous they do not deserve those two former piece of s*** they’re not human beings that’s why I had so much more Superior than people

  5. hannahlehigh says:

    Have you ever asked the previous owners WHY they keep dumping these two pups?? There has to be a logical reason why 2 separate homes would kick 2 dogs out. I pray they find a loving fur-ever home <3

    • Beth says:

      I personally don’t think that there is ever a logical reason to “dump” any animal outside. There are lots of rescues and Humane Society’s. To just open the door and kick two dogs outside isn’t logical in the first place when there are so many other options.

  6. Debra Patterson says:

    Sometimes I wonder where these peoples hearts are they were created by God And so are these animals too,maybe we would learn and appreciate them if we realize without them we would no longer be able to exist . We forget he created them first and we were blessed to look over them and protect them not to kill them not to torture them not to abuse them this is not God tended for his creation.But the only words I can say vengeance is his says the Lord I will pray for them, because God’s vengeance on the cruelty of his creation is more powerful than what any man can do to another man so I pray he will have mercy For. but deep down I hope he tear you to shred.

  7. Brenda Minarik says:

    Do you keep track of the people that let these dogs down in order for this not to happen again????? We need some kind of file with names and pictures if possible

  8. Karen says:

    This is soo Sad. The two scumbags who locked them out should be behind bars. I’m sure they will find a Loving Home. Aaww…????


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