Angry dog found wearing an ugly sweater

‘Angry’ dog wearing ugly sweater and pants found in park

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The police in Bellevue, Washington, are hoping to find the owner of an “angry” dog who was found in a park wearing an ugly sweater and pants. The police reached out to social media users on Thursday with a request to help find the dog’s rightful owner.

The post, including a picture of the “angry” dog, reads:

Is this your dog? He was found by one of our Officers in Robinswood Park with no tags or ID. And yes, he was wearing a sweater and blue pants, and was very angry.

Several comments on the post are rather humorous, from “it looks like the kids dressed him and he stomped out,” to,  “To be honest, if I was wearing that sweater, I’d be pretty angry. too…”

The unhappy dog was taken to the Alpine Animal Hospital in Issaquah – his owners should reach out to the hospital to claim him.

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