Senior shepherd at shelter doesn’t even have a blanket and now she’s about to lose her life

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This sweet old girl was rescued by an independent rescue. She isn’t collecting pledges but is asking if anyone would like to donate to her wish list for dog food and nutri cal. Link is posted below. Thank you!!

Alisa’s Rescue Wish List – Amazon Gift List –…/gl/guest-view/23OJJXVMXFETQ

At the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus, California, the brief video clip of a senior German shepherd mix is breaking our hearts. As of today, Sophie has been cleared for euthanasia; how can that be?

Sophie (A1781440) is 10-years-old, weighs 44 pounds and arrived at the shelter as a stray from Perris; sadly no one has picked her up.. She has been at the shelter for 17 days, and the shelter is very tough on all dogs, but more so on the seniors. Having to deal with loud noises and the lack of bedding and blankets, make the situation even worse. This sweet girl deserves better.

This shelter does not have many people coming to adopt.

Shelter info below:

[email protected] or [email protected]


Rescue desk:

[email protected]


581 S Grand Avenue, San Jacinto, ca 92582

Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am—4pm

If you can’t adopt foster, if you can’t foster, pledge. If you can’t pledge please comment and share! Don’t let the state deter you if you’re in another state, some rescues can make out of state adoptions happen!

Check out Sophie’s brief video clip:

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