When she needs her owner the most at age 16 Chloe dumped at Texas kill shelter

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Chloe is one of the senior dogs who is currently at the county shelter in San Antonio, Texas. At a time when she needed her owners the most, they dumped her at the shelter; at 16-years-old.

Of course, the shelters are overcrowded and seniors are too often the first to be euthanized, and as Chloe wishes her owners to come back for her, more than likely she will never make it out the front door unless someone steps up to help her.

The following information had been provided by the shelter as reported by Chloe’s previous owner:

What is the presenting complaint? “swollen right rear leg, and has a swollen mammary
How long has this been going on? “about 1week
Is the pet eating? “off and on BARELY
If not, when did the pet stop eating? “about 1 week
Is the pet drinking? “yes
Is the pet pooping on own? “yes
Is the pet peeing on own? “yes
Does to pet ambulate on own? “no

Adoption link:

CHLOE – ID#A645147

I am a spayed female, tricolor Beagle.

The shelter staff think I am about 16 years old.

I was found and am I currently at San Antonio Animal Care Services. If you still believe you may be my owner please make arrangements to pick me up as soon as possible by 2pm on 07/20/2022. I will need confirmed adoption, foster or rescue placement by 10 am on 07/21/2022. Adoption, Foster, Rescue, or Owner reclaim Questions: Connect with ACS

Pet Harbor

For more information about this animal, visit San Antonio Animal Care Services.
Ask for information about animal ID number: A645147.

Follow Chloe’s plight here. Please share with friends, family, approved rescue organizations and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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  1. Unbelievably cruel of the owners to “dump” this precious treasure in a kill shelter.

    I am in Washington state or I would foster her in a heartbeat…….

    I hope someone local can open up their heart and house to give this precious treasure a good life in a loving furever family for as long as she has left. This precious treasure deserves to spend her final days in a loving family…….


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